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Let 'Em In

Paul McCartney & Wings - Wings over America (Live)

Pete looks at adopting website on laptop that Ellie searched through

Insane In the Brain

Cypress Hill - Greatest Hits from the Bong

00:03 Flashback to when a young Pete plays football with Brian’s dad until he suffers a fatal heart attack.


Hometown Sweethearts - Hometown Sweethearts

00:04 Pete’s co-worker gives him some advice for parenting as they are renovating the house, Contiunes as Pete arrives at home.

Let 'Em In

Wings - At the Speed of Sound (Deluxe Edition)

00:07 Pete goes on the foster care website and reads the bios and stories of various orphans.

Little of Your Love

HAIM - Something To Tell You

00:14 Pete and Ellie attend the foster parenting classes.

Shine on Me

Dan Auerbach - Waiting on a Song

00:17 Song at the adoption fair. Continues as Pete and Ellie tries to bond with the orphans.


Icona Pop

00:36 Montage of the kids using the bathroom.

(There's No Place Like) Home for the Holidays

Angela McCluskey

00:40 Ellie tried to talk to Lizzy at the couch.

Silent Night

Joel Evans - Hear That Jingle - EP

00:41 The family says their prayers at the dinner table.

Happy Birthday

Instant Family Cast

The birthday party where the rest of the family meet the kids for the first time.

Soupcan Blaster

Ryan Castle

00:53 Pete and Ellie take the kids to Six Flags.



00:54 Lizzy’s friends drop her off at the Six Flag main entrance.

Give It To Me

KOYOTIE - Koyotie - EP

00:58 Music at Lizzy’s bedroom as Ellie finds her friends inside her room.

What Is Life

George Harrison - The Apple Years 1968-75

01:12 Montage of Pete and Ellie bonding with the kids.

Third Uncle

Bauhaus - The Sky’s Gone Out

01:30 Pete and Ellie chase after Jacob the janitor.

It Don't Matter to the Sun

Rosie Thomas - If Songs Could Be Held

01:40 Pete and Ellie tucks Lita and Juan in before they leave tomorrow.

We're Going Home

Vance Joy - Nation of Two

01:48 The family moves into a new house.

Gonna Have Kids

Michael Andrews - Instant Family (Original Motion Picture Score)

Pete and Ellie are golfing while discussing whether or not they want kids.

Up for This

Michael Andrews - Instant Family (Original Motion Picture Score)

Pete and Ellie confirm they are fostering kids. Lizzy, Juan and Lita move in.

Eyes Closed

Michael Andrews - Instant Family (Original Motion Picture Score)

Karen and Sharon speak to the foster group about considering taking in siblings.

Juan and Lita

Michael Andrews - Instant Family (Original Motion Picture Score)

Pete and Ellie meet Juan and Lita for the first time.

Instant Family

Michael Andrews - Instant Family (Original Motion Picture Score)

Showing the kids their rooms. Finding out about "court bears".

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