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D. Boon - D. Boon & Friends

*NOTE* This song is used in two different versions in this film. The original and what is referred to as the "Jackass Opera Mix".

Brand New Key

Melanie - Beautiful People: The Greatest Hits of Melanie

Dave and Bam perform the Bungee Boogie stunt. Dunn had to do his stunt twice after botching the first try.

Gonna Fly Now

Bill Conti - Rocky II (Music from the Motion Picture)

Bam performs The Rocky stunt in slow motion fashion where he suckerpunches someone after he throws a cup of water at them.

You Can't Rollerskate In A Buffalo Herd

Roger Miller - King Of The Road

Johnny Knoxville is dancing in front of the buffalos while they attack to him

Boom Boom Pow

The Black Eyed Peas - The Beginning & The Best of The E.N.D.

Johnny Knoxville is dancing in the street as grandpa

Boom Boom Pow

Black Eyed Peas

Johnny Knoxville is dancing in the street as grandpa

Legacy of Blood

Internal Corrosion - Feast Or Famine - EP

Chris Pontius dressed as a barbarian and fight against scorpions

I'm Shakin'

The Blasters - Jackass 3D (Official Movie Soundtrack)

Erhen plays Pin-The-Tail On The Real Donkey Blindfolded, He stats shaking and Bam, Ryan, Johnny and Dave mimic and make fun of him shaking

Party In My Pants

Roger Alan Wade - Jackass 3D (Music from the Motion Picture)

Bam pee's on his other cast mates while filming himself

Invisible Man

Smut Peddlers - Jackass 3D (Music from the Motion Picture)

Johnny stands in a bull ring while painted into the background while a bull charges at him

Ca Plane Pour Moi

Plastic Bertrand - Ruby Sparks (Original Soundtrack)

JACKASS 3.5: Opening scene where cast is running through Paris streets dropping luggage until they reach the stage.

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