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Volcano Girls

Veruca Salt - Eight Arms to Hold You

Intro song to movie or Jawbreaker being made.

Yoo Hoo

Imperial Teen - Jawbreaker

Courtney, Marcie, and Julie walking down the hallway after transforming Fern into Vylette.

I See

Letters to Cleo - Aurora Gory Alice

When the girls drive up to the breakfast joint with Liz still in the trunk.

Don't Call Me Babe

Shampoo - Jawbreaker

Fern talks to the drama club and cements her increasing social status

Lollipop Lips

Connie Francis - Connie Francis Sings Greatest Hits In Japanese

Popsicle scene with Courtney and her boyfriend.

Beat You Up

The Prissteens - Jawbreaker

When Julie accepts a ride from Zach.

Where Are We

Jack Drag - Dope Box

Julie talking to Fern on the phone about childhood memories.


Transister - Jawbreaker

When Julie walks out to the pool and sees an apparition of Liz coming out of the water.

Rock You Like a Hurricane

Scorpions - 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Scorpions

Courtney luring Marilyn Manson's character to have sex with her on Liz's bed.

Rock 'n' Roll Machine

The Donnas - Jawbreaker

Prom scene, The Donnas are the prom band

Young At Heart

Bing Crosby - Bing Sings the Sinatra Songbook

Courtney's walk of shame at the prom after being exposed as Liz's killer


The Friggs

Fern/ Violet’s “groupies”

Water Boy

Imperial Teen - Jawbreaker

Vylette sitting on the hood of her red corvette, while enjoying her new-found popularity.

Almost You

Chesney Hawkes - Another Fine Mess

Julie and Zack talk while sitting in the auditorium.

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