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Waltz & Chorus from 'Faust'

The Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra and The Roger Wagner Chorale

00:36 Klenzendorf notices the children drowning and asks Finkel to help.

Mit All Deiner Liebe

Jack White

Official Trailer, first song.

Mit All Deiner Leibe

Jack White

First song from trailer #1.

Frühlingsstimmen, Op. 410 (Arr. Gerald Wirth)

Vienna Boys Choir, Gerald Wirth & Salonorchester Alt Wien - Strauss For Ever

00:33 Jojo and Adolf are swimming at the indoor pool. Fräulein Rahm stretches Jojo's legs. Jojo asks Klenzendorf what he should do if he spots a Jew.

People Like You and Me

Glenn Miller and His Orchestra - Remember Glenn

01:40 Jojo and Elsa go outside after the Germans lost.

Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand

The Beatles - Something New

Opening title sequence when we meet Jojo and Adolf.

The Kids Are All Reich

Michael Giacchino

01:27 Jojo stumbles through the street while people fight around him

Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand

The Beatles - Past Masters, Vols. 1 & 2

00:02 Jojo runs around town shouting "heil Hitler" to everyone as he goes to meet Yorki for the Hitler Youth camp.

Heroes "Live Version"

The Ten Tenors

01:41 Jojo and Elsa stand outside the door. Jojo asks what they should do now.

I Don't Wanna Grow Up

Tom Waits - Bone Machine

00:07 Montage of the Captain Klenzendorf and Fräulein Rahm teaching and training the Jojo and the kids at the camp.


Lecuona Cuban Boys - Congas and Rumbas from the Unforgettable Band (Digitally Remastered Original) [Collection]

00:39 Jojo and his mother Rosie have dinner. Jojo notices her being happier than usual..


Roy Orbison - The Soul of Rock and Roll

00:52 Jojo and Rosie ride their bikes home.

Everybody’s Gotta Live

Love - Reel to Real (Deluxe Version)

01:22 Montage of Jojo and Elsa spending time together.

Jojo's March

Michael Giacchino - Jojo Rabbit (Original Score)

when he walks down the street heil hitler-ing everyone

Grenade and Bear It

Michael Giacchino - Jojo Rabbit (Original Score)

when jojo runs through the forrest and throws the grenade

Allies Well That Ends Well

Michael Giacchino - Jojo Rabbit (Original Score)

The fighting is over and the Allies are rounding up the surviving German soldiers.

New World Order

Michael Giacchino - Jojo Rabbit (Original Score)

Jojo runs home to see if Elsa is still there and knocks on the wall.

Nathan's Last Letter

Michael Giacchino - Jojo Rabbit (Original Score)

Jojo prepares himself to help Elsa "escape".

What Elsa Is New

Michael Giacchino - Jojo Rabbit (Original Score)

Jojo tells Elsa that it's not safe for her to leave.

A World to the Wise

Michael Giacchino - Jojo Rabbit (Original Score)

Jojo and Elsa are at the front door ready to leave.

'Helden' - German Version 1989 Remix; 2002 Remaster

David Bowie - Sound + Vision

End scene, End credit song. Official Trailer, second song.

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