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Floating On Air

Andrew Tinker

00:26 Jessie asks Dustin why Tony robbed them.


Max One

00:06 Angelia takes the order of a mother and child. The child pours syrup on Angelia's shoes. [0:48] The girls arrive at the diner high.

How I Wanna

Jeremy Session and Kendal Smith

00:45 Jessie and Angela eat some of Art Dogs cookies before finding out it has weed.

I Just Wanna Chill

So-So Topic and Donny Domino

00:28 Tony plays this song as they enter the house.


Jay Gates

01:14 Jessie deficates into the bucket. The owner spots the girls in the closet. Angela pukes on the owner, knocking him out.

O Sangeeta

Daniel Hart - The Orientalist

00:18 Flashback to Jessie and Angela snorting cocaine on the table.

Who We Are

So-So Topic, Willie P., KoolQuise and Paris P.

01:03 Playing in Tony's car as they drive to Brandon's workplace.

B Sweet

Andrew Tinker - It Takes the World

00:36 Playing at the supermarket as Jessie and Angela eat the prunes.


Sarah Jaffe - Never Goin' Back (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

00:04 Jesse and Angela get ready to go to work. [1:24] Second end credits song.


The Young Angry

00:18 Jessie and Angela are arrested. [0:21] The girls are escorted to their cells.


DJ Chose - Never Goin' Back (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

00:40 Paul drives Jessie and Angela to Art Dog's place.

How Am I Supposed to Live Without You

Michael Bolton - 80's Pop Hits

00:50 Jessie and Angela watch customers eat pancakes.


Jeremy Session & Kendal Smith - Never Goin' Back (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

00:08 Dustin talks to his friends about a way to make money when Jessie and Angela open the door. [0:23] Playing in Tony's car as he drives the girls to work.

Kiss Mama Bye

Andrew Tinker - It Takes the World

00:25 Jessie, Angelia, and the boys enter the sandwich shop and talk with Brandon at the cash register.

Leaving the Planet

Sarah Jaffe - Don't Disconnect

00:38 Jesse and Angelia flips off the old man as they run out of the supermarket.

Fxck Love

Rosie Bush

00:42 Jessie, and Angela arrive at Art Dog's party. They ask Art Dog if they can use his washing machine.

Look Away

Sarah Jaffe - Never Goin' Back (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

00:32 Jessie and Angela talk about an excuse to make for missing work.

New Mexico

Atheena Frizzell - Never Goin' Back (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

00:11 Jessie and Angela hit from the bong as they talk about the trip.

Slow Pour

Sarah Jaffe - Don't Disconnect

00:30 Angela apologizes about buying the trip to Jessie.

Two Intangibles Can't Be Had - Working For a Nuclear Free City Remix

Sarah Jaffe - Even Born Again

00:54 Jessie and Angelia take the bus ride home after being fired. They dream about the beach.


Soso Topic - Never Goin' Back (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

00:44 Jessie and Angela dance at the party.


Zhora - Lights - Single

01:17 Jessie and Angela run away from the sandwich shop with all the money from the safe. [1:20] The girls paly by the beach. First end credits song.

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