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Milk & Bone - Deception Bay

The ending scene before the credits


Emily Rowed - Electric Heart

When Nikki takes pics of sarah's bruises


Jadea Kelly - Love and Lust

When rob appologizes in sarah's room after hitting her at his house and gives her the promise ring

Crushed Pleats


Nikki and sarah fight

Get Up

Tonye - Get Up - Single

Beginning of the movie & at school

Easy Nothing

Youngblood - Easy Nothing - Single

Wrestling match & rob showed up at sarah's house unannounced


Fernando Olaya - Stereophonik (The Album)

Sarah & Rob's first kiss (at the party) and when she sees him at school in the next scene


Royal Canoe - Fussin' - Single

The group arrives at the lake house.

fake tears

Hearts Break Loud

First time rob gets violent in the library then kisses sarah

Last Night

Paloma - Paloma

Rob/sarah have sex for the first time at the lake house

The zolas

molotov girls

The scene in the hallway rob gives sarah a replacement phone

Take It or Leave It

Nuela Charles

Sarah putting on the hot clothes at school rob doesn't approve of

Little Death

I M U R - Little Death

Sarah goes to Rob's house and meets his mom

No Light

Denai Moore - Elsewhere

Sarah goes home after Rob throws her around for showing up at his house. Her mom breaks up with her boyfriend

Chase the Devil

SEIL LIEN - A Little While More - EP

Sarah in the shower, we see all of her cuts/bruises. Rob calls her and shows up at her house.

Dying Breed

Dtx, Mr.Dymz - Inv3rse

Rob picks up Sarah for the dance and gives her mom flowers.

Grand Alalog ft. Shad

The Grand Rhyme Dropper

Sarah and Rob dance then Rob gets jealous and drags Sarah into the parking lot.

hey hey

chloe dolores

Rob and Sarah's first kiss


Milk & Bone - Deception Bay

Ending scene of courtroom verdict and credits

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