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It's You

Syn Cole - It's You - Single

when everyone’s getting lit at cameron’s pool party



at camp when dani ripped off alexas friendship bracelet and suspended her account

I'm Good


Dani is crying in her room while getting hate notifications


Maxwell D - Best of... #RealityHigh Playlist

At bobs burgers, everyone meets up.



When Dani walks into Vist Valley High ready for her interview... but yet everyone is staring at her

Cold Blooded (Free Slice Remix)

Sariah - Queen

when cameron is showing Dani the way to the party and he opens the sliding door...


Matt Allenn - Splash

Fousey dumps Alexa.

Let Me Know

Joey Diggs Jr

Cameron and Dani driving to Bobs for a date

Body Language

Greg Cahn

Montage of Dani and Cameron sharing fun experience together like washing a dog at the vetinarians she works at

Mirror Mirror

Koko LaRoo

Alexa, Dani and the others go for shopping in Malibu

Badman (Torro Torro Remix)

Autoerotique - Badman (Remixes) - EP

At Kid ink's party, Dani dances on the DJ stand.

Badman (Torro Torro Remix)

Autoerotique & Max Styler - Badman (Remixes) - EP

kid inks party, dani dancing on the dj stand

9 To 5

Matt Allenn & Ruwanga - Best of... #RealityHigh Playlist

Kid ink party entrance (alexa,dani,friends)

Way Back Home

Dilini - Best of... #RealityHigh Playlist

When Cameron breaks up with Dani by the pool


Leven Kali - Joy - Single

Freddy listening to music through his headphones

Come Together

MJ Ultra

At the bonfire; Broussard and the principal bond over a bong.

Somewhere in California

Vendela - Best of... #RealityHigh Playlist

Dani and Cameron run into the water at the bonfire.

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