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Prologue Antiphony

Junkie XL

This is the opening song.

From Far

Rose Betts

The song can be heard immediately following the title card.

The Hated Other

Junkie XL

This is the title card.

Auguries of Innocence

Junkie XL

The song can be heard when the members of the royal family go into the chamber and discover a problem.

Maman Tché

Djimon Hounsou - Rebel Moon, Pt. Two: The Scargiver (Soundtrack from the Netflix Film)

At the tavern, Titus performs this song for the benefit of all the locals.


Junkie XL

The villagers are still working. They succeed in getting the ship out.

Everything That Rises

Junkie XL

Before Nemesis passes out, the young kid bursts into tears and gives her a hug.

Or Cover Me with Dirt

Junkie XL

Even after Nemesis's death, the fight goes on.

Who Dares Wins

Junkie XL

Kora engages in combat with the lieutenant.

Whitsun Oath

Junkie XL

They pay tribute to those who perished in combat.

Seneschal Psalms

Junkie XL

This is the last end credits song.

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