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Hidden Builders of Gemstone & Crystal

Rune Realms - Caverns of Gemfire

The kids sneak into the OTOMO warehouse to steal the game console.

Determination (A Burning of Incense)

Forklift Operator

Opening credits, the kids ride their bikes home.

Blomstertid Vi-Hael Pu Litlu Fughle


The kids celebrate their heist and prepare to plug the console to the TV. [0:18] The kids meet up outside the store with the stolen items. They find a free doll. [0:20] The kids get the recipe from the baker.

The Scorched Land


Jodie and Hazel go upstairs and brings water and tea for their sick mother. They ask for the password for the TV so they can play video games with Alice.

We Welcome Spring


The kids ride their bikes to the bakery to acquire the blueberry pie for Julie. Hazel and Alice shoot paintballs outside.

Wild & True

El Chango

The kids try to steal the ice from the proprietor.

Mr. Lucky

Karl Jenkins

At the supermarket, the kids look around for ingredients for the blueberry pie.

Love Match

Roger Webb

Hazel finds the speckled eggs at the supermarket.

The Doom of Mandos (Prophecy Of The North)

Fog Crag Archives

John Redrye snatches the speckled eggs from Hazel. [0:30] Redrye points a gun at Marty and threatens him to not boss him around. [1:09] The prince of the mountain appears.

Summer Breezes

Brian Alberici and Andrew May

Jodie creates a distraction while Alice and Hazel sneak out with the stolen goods.

Legends of a Dwarven Realm

Fog Crag Archives - Dwarven Legends

The kids follow Redrye to the ranch. [0:42] The kids go into the woods. [1:03]

Forest of the Spring Wren

The Loreseeker - Where the Moonlight Herb Grows

Petal asks her mother Anna to help brush her hair.

Gleaming in Shadow

Rune Realms - Secrets of the Deepwood

Petal sneaks outside and hides at the back of Redrye's truck.

The May Queen Enters The Circle


Anna and her gang enter the Redrye's truck and prepare to leave the ranch.


El Chango

Playing in Redrye's truck.

Oberon and The Mermaid

Lord Lovidicus

Alice tells the group to find another place to take cover.

Snowy Peaks

Lost Cascades

Hazel tells Jodie the time he kissed Alice.

Woodland Oasis

Lost Cascades - Crystal Sun

Hazel tells Jodie why he can't kiss Alice.

Riddle of Fire Theme II

Hole Dweller

The kids talk with Petal.

Riddle of Fire Theme

Hole Dweller

Petal and the kids realizing that Anna and her gang are illegally hunting animals.

The Garden Of Fruit, Trees & A Bad Omen


Anna sets a spirit trap in an attempt to lure the prince of the mountain out of hiding.

Lost Sanctuary of the Wizard

Fog Crag Archives

Anna tells Marty to give her the cartridge before realizing that they left them.

The Mountain of the Runestone

Fog Crag Archives - Dwarven Legends

Redrye finds Hazel eating their diner and realizes he's drunk. He interrogates Hazel.

Forests of Eld

Fog Crag Archives

Petal tells Alice and Jodie how she can control her sisters.

Hoard of The Wizard

Fog Crag Archives

Kels and Suds try to lure Redrye away from Hazel.

Fleeing The Castle by Candlelight

Lord Lovidicus

The kids start the vehicle and travel to the Hall of Fortunes.



The kids travel to the Hall of Fortunes.



The kids arriving at the Hall of Fortune.

Florence & Selena


The kids look around the Hall of Fortune and meet Dana.

Last Summer


Hazel gives Dana the speckled egg.



Dana asks the kids to do a dance they've never seen before in order to get the speckled egg.

Baby Come Back

Player - Date Movie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Jodie asks the DJ to play this song and the kids all dance to impress Dana.



Dana changes his mind and asks the kids to fetch him 100 dollars for the speckled egg.

Jungle Run

Anders Link

The DJ changes the music; Dana and his gang chase the kids.

Spirit of the Forest

Fog Crag Archives

Redrye tracks down the kids.

Master of The Hoard

Fog Crag Archives

Petal uses the lighter to burn Marty's arm, causing him to drop the gun. Hazel grabs the gun and points it at Anna.

Ambience, Fantasy - Tonal Synth Ambience in a Minor, Music Fantasy Ambiences

Sound Effects Library

Petal tells the kids how she was able to obtain the speckled egg.

Cannibal Holocaust (Main Theme)

Riz Ortolani - Cannibal Holocaust

The kids ride their bikes home and bake the blueberry pie for Julie. They bring the pie to Julie and introduce her to Petal. Julie gives them the password and they play video games.

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