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Work to Do

Average White Band - AWB

This is the opening credits song.

Beyond the Sea

Bobby Darin - The Blacklist (Music from the Television Series)

Emma visits her husband's backyard barbecue celebration in honor of their anniversary.

Role Play

Rael Jones

Emma goes to the bar as soon as she gets to the hotel.


Rael Jones

When Dave gets to the hotel, he discovers Emma at the bar talking to an elderly man.

Nothing Burns Like The Cold

Snoh Aalegra - Nothing Burns Like The Cold

Following their bar drinks, Emma and Dave make their way to their hotel room.

Take Me Out (In The Style Of The Scissor Sisters)

Ameritz Karaoke Band

Dave and Emma have a private moment at the hotel. They listen to this song in the car the following day.

Moment of Your Time

Rael Jones

Emma gets out of the car and is followed by two people.

First Warning

The Prodigy - Smokin' Aces (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Emma fights in the club while this background music plays.

Our Day Will Come

Amy Winehouse

Dave and Emma pick up the kids and head out. The kids start whining in the car. While the credits are rolling, the music keeps playing.

Murder Box

Rael Jones

This is the third end credits song.

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