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The Virginia Company

Alan Menken - Pocahontas (Original Soundtrack)

00:01 A ship carrying British settlers from the Virginia Company sails for North America in search of gold

Ship At Sea

Alan Menken - Pocahontas (Original Soundtrack)

00:02 A storm erupts, and Smith saves Thomas's life when he falls overboard

The Virginia Company (Reprise)

Mel Gibson and Chorus - Pocahontas (Original Soundtrack)

00:04 The crew looks forward to riches that await for them in the New World

Steady As The Beating Drum

Alan Menken - Pocahontas (Original Soundtrack)

00:05 Chief Powhatan's warriors return to their tribe


Alan Menken - Pocahontas (Original Soundtrack)

00:07 Nakoma cries to Pocahontas that her father is back and she jumps off the cliff to meet him sooner

Steady As the Beating Drum (Reprise)

Jim Cummings - Pocahontas (Original Soundtrack)

00:11 Pocahontas learns that her father wants her to marry Kocoum

Just Around the Riverbend

Judy Kuhn - Disney's Princess Collection: The Music of Hopes, Dreams, and Happy Endings

00:12 Pocahontas doubts she should marry such a serious man and admires unpredictability of life

Grandmother Willow

Alan Menken - Pocahontas (Original Soundtrack)

00:14 She decides to ask the advice from a talking tree spirit named Grandmother Willow

Listen With Your Heart I

Linda Hunt and Bobbi Page - Pocahontas (Original Soundtrack)

00:16 Grandmother Willow tells Pocahontas to listen to her heart

River's Edge

Alan Menken - Pocahontas (Original Soundtrack)

00:19 The settlers come ashore in Virginia, Pocahontas watches them

Council Meeting

Alan Menken - Pocahontas (Original Soundtrack)

00:22 Kekata tells what he knows of White people

Percy's Bath

Alan Menken - Pocahontas (Original Soundtrack)

00:23 Meeko, Pocahontas's pet racoon, meets Percy (Ratcliffe's pet pug) at the ship

Mine, Mine, Mine

David Ogden Stiers, Mel Gibson and Chorus - Pocahontas (Original Soundtrack)

00:25 The settlers dig for gold under Ratcliffe's orders while John Smith explores the territory

Listen With Your Heart II

Linda Hunt and Bobbi Page - Pocahontas (Original Soundtrack)

00:29 John Smith first meets Pocahontas and persuades her to talk to him

Getting Acquianted

Alan Menken - Pocahontas (Original Soundtrack)

00:34 John Smith and Pocahontas talk. He tells her that they'll teach her people how to use this land, Pocahontas gets offended and tries to leave

Colors of the Wind

Judy Kuhn - Disney's Greatest, Vol. 2

00:38 Pocahontas teaches John to look at the world in a different way, and to not think of her people as "savages"

Picking Corn

Alan Menken - Pocahontas (Original Soundtrack)

00:43 Powhatan wants Pocahontas and Nakoma to stay in the village

The Warriors Arrive

Alan Menken - Pocahontas (Original Soundtrack)

00:48 Warriors of other tribes arrive and the Chiefs want to attack the settlers and refuse to negotiate with them

John Smith Sneaks Out

Alan Menken - Pocahontas (Original Soundtrack)

00:52 John Smith gets out of the camp and Ratcliffe sends Thomas after him


Alan Menken - Pocahontas (Original Soundtrack)

00:55 When John agrees to meet Pocahontas's father, she is so delighted that she hugs him. Both Kocoum and Thomas watch from the shadows as John and Pocahontas kiss. Kocoum, full of jealousy, attacks and tries to kill John, but Thomas intervenes and shoots Kocoum

I'll Never See Him Again

Alan Menken - Pocahontas (Original Soundtrack)

00:59 Pocahontas comes to see captured John and says it all'd better never happen. John replies that he'd better die than live without knowing her

Savages (Part 1)

David Ogden Stiers, Jim Cummings and Chorus - Pocahontas (Original Soundtrack)

01:01 Ratcliffe sees John's capture as an opportunity to attack the Indians and rescue John at the same time

Savages (Part 2)

Judy Kuhn, David Ogden Stiers, Jim Cummings and Chorus - Pocahontas (Original Soundtrack)

01:02 Pocahontas decides to save John and runs while 2 armies prepare to fight


Alan Menken - Pocahontas (Original Soundtrack)

01:05 Pocahontas throws herself over John, telling Powhatan that she loves John and that Powhatan must see where the path of hate has brought them, and asking him to choose. Powhatan lowers his club and orders John freed


Alan Menken - Pocahontas (Original Soundtrack)

01:08 Pocahontas comes to bid John goodbye. She tells him she'll be with him forever no matter what happens

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