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Triton's Kingdom

Alan Menken

The aquatic realm of King Triton

Part of Your World


Ariel sings as she wishes to be on land.

Chuyện Kể Về Đại Dương

Hoàng Thiện

On the boat, a gathering of sailors and Prince Eric is taking place.

The Big Ship

Alan Menken

Ariel is attempting to assist the sailors in rescuing themselves.

Under the Sea

Daveed Diggs

Sebastian is attempting to persuade Ariel that the underwater realm is superior to the human world.

Wild Uncharted Waters

Jonah Hauer-King

Prince Eric is singing about the girl who saved him and how he feels about her.

Poor Unfortunate Souls

Melissa McCarthy

Ursula is attempting to persuade Ariel to become human by singing to her about her life.

For the First Time


Ariel is being driven to the castle by the sailor. The maids get Ariel ready for Prince Eric, but he is dissatisfied because she is not the same as the one who saved him and lacks a voice.

Kiss the Girl

Daveed Diggs

In this song, Sebastian and Scuttle recommend that the prince kiss the girl. The girl's name is Ariel, the prince surmised.

The Wedding

Alan Menken

At the bazaar, Ariel and Prince Eric are having a good time.

Eric's Decision

Alan Menken

A mermaid's voice can be heard by Prince Eric.

The Scuttlebutt


Scuttle's song is about how Prince Eric will pop the question.

Vanessa's Trick

Alan Menken

Prince Eric was duped into believing that Ursula, who had changed into Vanessa, was the voice of the mermaid who had saved him.

Part of Your World (Reprise)


Ariel is upset because Prince Eric is getting married to someone else.


Alan Menken

The song can be heard at the end credits.

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