Champion of the Blind

Kevin W. Buchholz and Jessie Shapiro

00:01 First song. Characters are introduced and opening credits. The losers are playing cards.

Black Betty

Ram Jam - The Dukes of Hazzard (Music from the Motion Picture)

00:02 Song as the Losers are driving to Bolivia for a mission.

Tear the Place Up

Skunk Anansie - Smashes and Trashes (The Greatest Hits) [Remastered] {Bonus Track Version}

00:05 The losers go raid the Bolivian drug compound and rescue the drug mule children.

Big Bad Wolf

The Heavy - Luther (Soundtrack from the Television Series)

00:12 The losers are working in Bolivia after being betrayed. Plays during the cock fight.


Papi Brandao Y Su Ejecutivos - Panama!, Vol. 3 - Calypso Panameno, Guajira Jazz & Cumbia Tipica On the Isthmus (1960-75)

00:13 After the cock fight. Plays in the street when Clay and Roque buy some street food. Continues to play when Clay is talking to a girl at the bar.

U.R.A. Fever

The Kills

00:18 Clay fights Aisha at the hotel room.

Clap for the Killers

Street Sweeper Social Club - Street Sweeper Social Club

00:21 A girl gives Jensen (Chris Evans) a ride to the cemetery on her motorcycle.

Sweet Misery

Amel Larrieux

00:49 Clay and Aisha exit the trailer the next morning and meet the others in the car.

Don't Stop Believin'

Journey - 21 American Icons

00:50 Jensen (Evans) enters the building pretending to be a bike messenger singing on his ipod. It continues after he knocks out the security guard and tries to run out of the office.

The Oath

Street Sweeper Social Club - Street Sweeper Social Club

01:30 After Pooch's baby is born and the losers celebrate outside and drink champagne. During end titles before final soccer game.

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