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Heaven Bound

The Reverand Horatio Duncan & Amos Sweets

Gospel music that plays on the car stereo before Randolph switches radio stations.

Steal Away - Remastered

Robbie Dupree

While driving, Randolph switches radio stations but leaves this music playing.

Everyone’s A Winner

Jim Blake

Swing music that plays on the car stereo before Randolph switches radio stations again.

Supersoaker MD50


Benson begs Randolph for assistance in moving the dead to the back after he has killed all of the restaurant staff. Then he forces Randolph to ride along.

Express Yourself

Dave Antrell

They make a breakfast stop at a diner. The background music is softly playing this tune.

The Tweaker


Benson advises Randolph to see Lisa at the mall where she works so that he may ask her why she dumped him.

I’m Gonna Get Loud


Benson and Randolph visit Lisa's place of employment, "Animal Fun-Suff Workshop." She is taken aback to see him.

Un Sospiro


This song can be heard in the official trailer.

Carolina Carol

Levi Brown and Junior Mintz

Back at the diner again, Miss Beard pleads to Benson to let her and Randolph go.

Up in the Air

Orchestra Colin Frechter - Jet Set

Randolph and Benson leaves Lisa's job. Benson gives a sardonic speech on people who work shopping malls.

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