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Make Way For The King

Ohana Bam

Jaycen makes his introduction.

Deja Vu (I've Been Here Before)

Teena Marie - Wild and Peaceful (Expanded Edition)

After entering the kitchen, Jaycen prepares his cereal.

Smack a Bitch

Rico Nasty

Jaycen hops in the car and drives to the office of his agency.

The East Siders

Rick Rock

The song can be heard once the trial is over and Jaycen leaves the courtroom.

Like My Weed


Kareem and Jaycen get stoned.

Crank Me Up


Tre scores a point, to the excitement of the audience. The kids begin fighting on the field as the song proceeds.

Blessed (with Tyga)


Jaycen and the kids get in the car, as this song plays on the radio.


Book - Champion

This song can be heard upon the children donning their new uniforms.

Merry Go Round


Dwayne is driven to the Shoe Palace by Jaycen.

Friends & Family

The Isley Brothers

Jaycen throws a pool party with Kareem.



The pool party is entertaining for the kids.

Punk Ass Bitches (feat. Snoop Dogg) (From "The Underdoggs")

Trap House Mechi

Before the game begins, the participants perform their theme song.


Art Neville

When the game is over, Chip and Jaycen shake hands.

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