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Taxi (Ave Maria)

John Murphy

The group journey across England.

The Tunnel

John Murphy

The group desperately change the tire of Frank's cab as a group of infected are coming towards them. The tire is changed just in time and the group escape.

Jim's Dream

John Murphy

Jim has a dream that the group have left him behind.

In the House - In a Heartbeat

John Murphy - 28 Days Later (The Soundtrack Album)

Jim releases Mailer, enters the mansion and searches for Selena and Hannah. Mailer infects a few soldiers whilst Jim murders some. Jim finds Selena with a soldier, gouging his eyes. They share a kiss.

Frank's Death - Soldiers (Requiem in D Minor)

John Murphy - Frank's Death - Soldiers (Requiem in D Minor)

Frank is killed by the soldiers after a drop of infected blood enters his eye.

A.M. 180

Grandaddy - Under the Western Freeway

The group grab supplies and food in an abandoned supermarket.

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