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What a Friend

Mary Lewis and the All College State University

00:02 Jahkor parks his car and steps outside with a gun in his hand.

Pigeon Food

Hannibal Leq - Pigeon Food - EP

00:03 Playing in the backyard as Jahkor sneaks to Malcolm's house. [1:34] Flashback to that scene.

Shut Up

Mozzy - Lil Timothy n' Thingz

00:07 A young Jahkor hits the bully from behind his head with a rock and proceeds to kick him on the ground. 13 months before Malcom’s murder, Jahkor and TQ rob two people at gunpoint.


Mikos Da Gawd - Hyphy

(0:25) After the wake, Jah smokes on the couch.

Every Kind of Way

H.E.R. - H.E.R.

00:22 Jahkor and Shantaye kiss at the bathtub. She reveals to him that she is pregnant.


Mikos Da Gawd, Tia Nomore & Bruh from Last Night - Hyphy - Single

00:24 Jahkor receives a blowjob from Shantaye.

D Boy

Hannibal Leq - Pigeon Food - EP

00:26 Jahkor meets with Trex in his car.

Bring It to Ya

Paris - Guerrilla Funk (The Deluxe Edition)

00:30 Jahkor’s parents pick him up at school after getting suspended for beating up the bully.

Heart You

Aisa - Made, Vol. 11

00:42 Jahkor is holding the shoe boxes at the store when a white woman asks him what he is doing.

Get Stupid

Mac Dre - Ronald Dregan

(0:45) Outside near cars.

If You With It

Panauh Kalayeh, James Desmond, Louis Summervile & John Eugenio

00:43 Jahkor calls TQ as he is preparing the cocaine. Jahkor asks if if they are going to Big Stunna's party.

B*tch I Look Good

Kool John - Moovie!

(0:46) Bicycle stereo.


Too $hort - Life Is...Too $hort

00:44 Jahkor and Shantaye arrive at Big Stunna’s party.

Get Stupid (Remix)

Mac Dre - Ronald Dregan: Dreganomics

00:45 Second song at the party. Shantaye says hi to some of her friends.

Bitch I Look Good (feat. P-LO)

Kool John - Shmop City

00:46 Playing in the bicycle stereo.

He's So Crazy

Cadence Blaze - Rap & Rap Rock

00:47 Playing in the first car.



00:48 Playing in the second car.

I Got My Nine

RBL Posse - Ruthless By Law

00:50 Before the shooting.

Drip Drown

Jo Stunnah - Poppin - EP

01:01 Playing in Trex’s car after showing a video of Jahkor’s girlfriend.

Be Mine

Naomi August - MADE, Vol. 27: End Love

01:05 Jahkor overhears his white co-worker talking about him.


Slimmy B - Free Smoke

01:06 Jahkor and TQ follow his white co-worker into Blackhawk.

Unfortunately (feat. June)

Mozzy - 1 Up Top Ahk

01:27 Jahkor drives to Big Stunna’s house before being stopped by his men.

$hots Fired (feat. Kidd Marley)

Classik - MADE, Vol. 29: Shots Fired

01:30 Jahkor asks Big Stunna if he can kill Malcoim.

Ashes to Ashes

Blackalicious - Imani, Vol. 1

01:35 Jahkor walks pass a car that is playing this song.

Ain't Your Friends

Panauh Kalayeh, James Desmond, Louis Summervile & John Eugenio

01:36 Jahkor sees Malcolm talking with some people outside from a distance.

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