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WXYZ-TV Channel 8

Alexandre Desplat

First song, as the character is introduced and discusses the play.

Last Train to San Fernando

Johnny Duncan

The song can be heard on the opening credits.

April In Portugal

Les Baxter

Augie uses a pay phone to call Stanley.

Ida Red

Bob Wills & Tommy Duncan with The Texas Playboys

The receptionist gives Roger and Ricky the key to their cabin after they have a conversation with her.

Canon and Gigue in D Major: Gigue

Johann Pachelbel

The officer plays a record with this song after perusing Conrad's bookcase. The music keeps playing during the next monologue.

Jingle Jangle Jingle - Remastered 2000

Tex Ritter

The children say their prayers before lunch.

Cowboy's Lament

Burl Ives

The picture taken by Augie is accepted by Midge. They engage in some conversation before she enters the shower.

Viewing of the Astronomical Ellipses (Opening Comments: Dr. Hickenlooper)

Alexandre Desplat

At the event, everyone puts a cardboard box on their head and looks up at the sky. Augie photographs the extraterrestrial.

Rose Marie

Slim Whitman - The Very Best of Slim Whitman

Schubert discusses the divorce papers with his wife.

The Cattle Call (with Hugo Winterhalter and His Orchestra and Chorus) - Remastered

Eddy Arnold

Stanley offers to help, but Augie tells him he doesn't need it since he needs to grieve.

Dear Alien (Who Art In Heaven)

Asteroid City Cast

When Montana and his friends arrive, they begin entertaining the kids.

Emergency Assembly

Alexandre Desplat

The general makes the decision to end the quarantine. The alien reappears and returns the asteroid.

How High the Moon

Les Paul - W W II Era Classics, Vol. 2

Augie asks the motel management where everyone has gone after glancing out the window. Augie learns he has the freedom to go anywhere he wants.

Freight Train

The Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group

The song is heard during the film's end sequence. End Credit.

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