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Bad Boys

Inner Circle - Nights of Reggae

00:05 Marcus and Mike sing this song at the start of the movie.

Stuck in the Middle


00:13 Plays in the club while drugs are being passed around and taken.


Orishas - A Lo Cubano

01:08 Syd and Johnny are relaxing on the beach

Shake Ya Tailfeather

P. Diddy - Bad Boys II (Soundtrack)

01:10 Mike walks out in a new purple suit.

Move Bitch


01:33 2nd song that plays while Reggie is at the door.

Gangsta Sh*t

Snoop Dogg - Bad Boys II (Soundtrack)

02:17 2nd song in end credits.

Love Don't Love Me

Justin Timberlake - Bad Boys II (Soundtrack)

01:29 Marcus' daughter tells her she's going to the movies and not to embarrass her.

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