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Camilo Froideval & Dan Zlotnik

Upon entering a TV studio, Silverio witnesses the house band playing the soundtrack song of Bardo and proceeds to observe a taping of "Bocaguanga".

Boulevard of Broken Dreams (From "Better Call Saul")

Juan Garcia Esquivel

As Silverio moves through a TV studio, he is accompanied by music while pink-clad female dancers perform. At one point, one of the performers breaks the fourth wall.

Cómo Te Extraño Mi Amor

Leo Dan

Music can be heard playing in the background. Silverio listens to a recording as Lucía and Lorenzo discuss their upcoming trip to Zihuatanejo.


Mac Miller

Lorenzo and Silverio argue, after which Lorenzo departs.

Don’t Be Concerned, Old One

Maria Sabina

Upon opening his laptop, Silverio hears music playing from a recording, with a woman singing in Mixtec.

In the Cage - New Stereo Mix


Silverio lies on a bed. The music plays as Lucía speaks to him. The husband and wife kiss.

El Día De Mi Suerte

Orquesta Pavel Urkiza

Silverio is present at an awards show where a video clip showcasing his work is played.

El Pavido Navido

Elegante Banda Inkondicional

An awards show sequence continues. A band performs on a stage. Silverio speaks to reporters.

Qué Lío

Willie Colón

At an afterparty event, Silverio requests a cigarette while music is playing in the background. He then proceeds to converse with Lucía about an art critic.

Salsa Y Bembé

Joe Cuba Sextet

During a party sequence, the Bardo soundtrack song is played as Luis criticizes Silverio, discussing journalistic ethics.

Los Aretes De La Luna

La Sonora Matancera

Silverio and Luis continue their conversation, discussing Mexico City, when a man interrupts and requests to take a photo with Luis.


Orquesta Pavel Urkiza

Lucía inquires about Silverio's conversation with Luis, after which they dance together at a social event.

La Pava Congona

Andrés Landero - Grandes Cumbias

Silverio dances with his daughter, Camila. He removes his coat and dances to the rhythm of the cumbia music.

Let's Dance - 2018 Remaster

David Bowie

A dance sequence continues. Camila claps her hands. An acapella version of the song plays.

Así Me Gusta

The Latin Mambo Orchestra feat. Daniel Indart

As Silverio strolls down the sidewalk, music can be heard playing from a nearby speaker system.



Silverio keeps walking down the sidewalk, passing Taqueria Tlaquepaque.

Cumbia Zapoteca

Grupo Maravilla De Robin Revilla & Sonido Siboney

Silverio converses with a woman who is lying on the sidewalk. As a priest appears in the visual, music begins to play. Soon after, people start collapsing on the street.

Mi Niña

José José

Silverio picks up his bag and heads towards a beach area. As he walks away, the resort employee sings.

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