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Good Time

Koda Kids

First song as Vanessa is listening to this song in the car.

Rock n Roll Has Taken It's Toll

Tony Stevens Band

Vanessa stops at a truck stop and asks a man for a cigarette.

Are You Sick of Me Yet?

Dutch Mzstress

I'M TOTALLY FINE Trailer (2022) Jillian Bell, Natalie Morales, Comedy Movie

Street Hawk (feat. Jane Elizabeth Hanley)


Jennifer shows Vanessa the human orientation slideshow.

It Might Not Seem Like It Right Now, But It Gets Better

Party Favor

Jennifer (Alien version) performs some tests on Vanessa to prove it's not all in head.

It's a Job

Wolfie's Just Fine - I Remembered but Then I Forgot

Jennifer drains the battery of Vanessa's Tesla.

From Darkness

Upon A Burning Body

A man pulls in the car and this song is heard from his radio.

All Pride No Pain

Upon A Burning Body

The man drops Vanessa and Jennifer home.


Christian Cambas

The DJ arrives and plays this song them after giving them Molly.

Dance in Place (Treasure Fingers Remix)


While high on Molly, Vanessa and Jennifer lie in the bathroom discussing corn.

Last Resort

Papa Roach - Runtastic - Power Workout, Vol. 1

The second song plays as they sit in the bathtub. They continue to throw the chairs in the pool and destroy the cake.

Last Resort

Emma Zander

End credits song.

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