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Stunt Double

The Texas Sapphires - Roadhouse Gems

00:10 First song coming from the pub as Dwight breaks into a car.


Herro Sugar

00:11 After an unsuccesful attempt at breaking the saftely lock from the gun, Dwight decides to throw away the gun as a car pulls up from behind

Only We Know

Bulletproof Moose

00:12 Dwight waits outside the prison.

Red Eye

Meli Sul

00:13 Dwight watches the Clelands collect Wade from prison.


Birds of Avalon - Bazaar Bazaar

00:15 Dwight enters the club where Wade and his family are celebrating his release from prison.

This Be the Moment

Bulletproof Moose

00:20 Song playing in the Limo after Dwight flees from the murder scene.

End Flux

Tearist - Tearist - EP

00:20 Wade's friend discovers his body at a club restroom along with Wade's car keys.

2 Pretty 4 This Picture

my new mixtape - Winter '07

00:42 Dwight pays the clerk at a local store for some medical supplies for his injuired leg, the clerk notices a bloody dollar bill.



00:49 The band Hochstedder is playing this song at a bar where Ben works, Dwight asks a worker there when does Ben shift ends.

Fuck Up

The Baseball Furies

00:51 Plays in Ben's headphones as Dwight is asking him for a favor.

No Regrets

Little Willie

01:06 Dwight leaves after saying goodbye to his friend. Ben destroys the polaroid. Again in end credits.


She Keeps Bees - Minisink Hotel

01:29 Second song during end credits.

Gunfighter (feat. Jimmy Deveney)

Horse Opera - Sounds of the Desert

00:24 Dwight hitches a ride with a truck driver.

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