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I Ain't Superstitious

Jeff Beck - Truth

00:32 Ace catches the two hustlers at the tables cheating.

I'll Take You There

The Staple Singers - Faith and Grace: A Family Journey 1953-1976

01:47 Ace takes ginger to the bank to deposit money.

I'll Take You There

Staple Singers

01:47 Ace takes ginger to the bank to deposit money.

I'm Confessin' (That I Love you)

Louis Prima and Keely Smith

Ace questions Ginger at the restaurant.

That's The Way I Like it

Harry Wayne Casey

Played in the beginning of the "Aces High" show

EEE-O Elevan

Sammy Davis Jr.

Tommy D Looking Out Gold Rush Window at FBI watchers

Heart of Stone (Mono)

The Rolling Stones - The Rolling Stones In Mono (Remastered)

Ace and Ginger first make out and Ace showers her with gifts I believe.

The Lonesome Road

Michael Mazochi

Ace and Ginger first make out and Ace showers her with gifts I believe.

J.S. Bach Matthauspassion BMV

Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Opening credits, and again at the end of the movie when Ace discusses how Vegas today is not the same.

Takes Two To Tango

Ray Charles and Betty Carter

Ace introduces Ginger to Nicky and Jennifer


Jimmie Crane and Al Jacobs

Ginger asks Ace for $25,000.


Richard Strauss

"We present the Ace Rothstien show: Aces High!"

7-11 (aka Mambo #5)

The Gone All Stars

Narration; Ace's gambling expertise.

Zooma Zooma

Louis Prima & Wingy Manone

Ace's Vegas introduction. Played at the end during arrests.

Thème de Camille

Georges Delerue - Le mépris (Original Movie Soundtrack) – EP

Ace picks Ginger up from airport after she kidnapped their daughter.

Go Your Own Way

Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

On the car radio while Ace and Nicky talk about getting Ginger to come back.

Ain't Got No Home

Clarence 'Frogman' Henry

Nicky finds his way back in the casino and demands money for the blackjack table. Tells dealer to pound cards up his butt.

Stella By Starlight

Ray Charles

Ace and Ginger at formal reception, ginger working the crowd

How High The Moon

Les Paul and Mary Ford

Nicky keeps security at the casino.

Love Is Strange

Mickey and Sylvia - Dirty Dancing (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Plays as Ginger struts out of casino after throwing poker chips in the air.

Whip It

Devo - Everybody Wants Some!! (Music from the Motion Picture)

Ace and his friends are at the same restaurant as Nicky and Frank, but ignore them.

Nights In White Satin

The Moody Blues - 20 #1’s: Classic Rock Love Songs

Nicky meets with Ginger after her ex is beaten up.

Those Were the Days

Cream - Gold: Cream

Ace fires the slot manager.


Cream - Gold: Cream

Nicky is changing cars to escape the FBI

Love Me the Way I Love You

Jerry Vale - Love Me the Way I Love You

Ace makes himself food and beverage director.

Slippin' and Slidin'

Little Richard - Here's Little Richard (Deluxe Edition)

Ace is inadvertedly introduced to Ginger, who makes a scene at the craps table.

Working In the Coal Mine

Lee Dorsey - The New Lee Dorsey

Two scenes. A cheater tries to cash in before getting caught. Ace rants about blueberry muffins after firing Ward.

Sweet Dreams

Emmylou Harris - Elite Hotel (Remastered)

Ace and Nicky at a bar after Nicky learns he's banned from all casinos in Vegas.

The House of the Rising Sun

The Animals - Retrospective

The people involved in the skimming are executed by mobsters

Flight of the Bumble Bee

Jascha Heifetz

Ace juggling on the Aces High TV Shoe

The Glory of Love

The Velvetones - The Aladdin Records Story

Nicky tracks Ginger on her way to give Lester money. Also later when Nicky and Ginger are spotted together.

Sweet Virginia

The Rolling Stones - Exile On Main St. (Deluxe Edition)

The cowboy won't take his feet off the table.

What a Difference a Day Makes

Dinah Washington - Compact Jazz: Dinah Washington

Ace takes ginger to their new home after getting married.

How High the Moon

Les Paul & Mary Ford - The Hit Makers!

Nicky keeps security at the casino.

Love Is the Drug

Roxy Music - The Best of Roxy Music

"Ginger's ambitions was always money."

Can't You Hear Me Knocking

The Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers

Montage of Nicky's crime activities and jewellery store.

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