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Give in to Me

Nathan Chapman

01:14 Beau and Chiles sing together and then are seen in the hotel roomkissing

Travis, Can I Have This Dance

Gwyneth Paltrow

01:19 Kelly sings this song she making it up as she goes along, to Travis, the little boy with leukemia, til all are dancing in the class, including James, who ends up pulling away from Kelly one time too many....

Talk is Cheap

Chris Stapleton

01:50 During all the post concert interviews, James asks Beau to go find out where Kelly is...

Friends in Low Places

Garrett Hedlund, Leighton Meester

00:16 Beau comes on stage (at the Stage) to save Chiles from her stage fright and the angry crowd, by singing this duet with her

Steal You Away

Matt Fleenor

01:08 Beau goes to Chiles room after finding Kelly in the trailer with the manager guy, and forces her to admit she wants him...and she lets him in. :-)

It Ain't Gotta Be Love

Brett Eldredge

00:27 Getting ready for her first post-rehab performance, Kelly takes Beau aside and asks him to only sleep w/her while they are on tour to which he agrees.

Give In to Me

Faith Hill - Country Strong (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Beau and Chiles’ duet. Sung by Garrett Hedlund and Leighton Meester.

Turn Loose all the Horses

Garrett Hedlund

01:30 Last song at Dallas sung by Beau before Kelly gets up and finally performs...

Kissing In Cars

The Bekah Hailey Band - Kissing In Cars - Single

00:51 Song playing on the stereo while Beau and Chiles drinking and talking in her hotel room, only to be rudely interrupted by James knocking on Chiles' hotel room door

Liars Lie

Lee Ann Womack - Country Strong (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

00:56 Kelly finds Beau to make up and bring him to her recording studio...where she finds they have givin' one of her songs to Chiles

Keep On Smilin'

Wet Willie - 20 #1's Classic Rock (Vol. 3)

01:02 Kelly is dancing drunk at some redneck bar when Beau and Chiles find her and drag her out...

Shake That Thing

Gwyneth Paltrow - Country Strong (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

01:39 Second song sung by Kelly in Dallas in the sexy blue dress as Beau, Chiles and the stadium goes wild!

Timing Is Everything

Garrett Hedlund - Country Strong (More Music from the Motion Picture)

01:48 Song that plays when Beau sees James break down in the hospital, & next scene w/Beau looking on from afar at Kelly's funeral procession, standing beside his old truck in quiet anguish, a ghost who only Chiles seems to be able to see and acknowledge.

Timing Is Everything

Trace Adkins - Country Strong (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

(Cover by Garrett Hedlund) Kelly’s death and funeral, Beau leaving. Then Beau is singing this song in the California bar.

Chances Are

Garrett Hedlund - Country Strong (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

00:33 Beau’s first song in Houston, while poor Kelly gets a bloody doll delivered to her in her dressing room and freaks out..

She's Got You

Patsy Cline - Patsy Cline's Greatest Hits

00:42 Publicity agent and Houston guy give Kelly and James big time crap over Kelly's meltdown on stage


Gwyneth Paltrow - Country Strong (More Music from the Motion Picture)

Singing to the little boy Travis who has cancer.

Hide Me Babe

Garrett Hedlund - Country Strong (More Music from the Motion Picture)

01:26 Heard in the background in Dallas by Beau on stage as Kelly gives Chiles the motherly advice for a career she so wanted and needed from her..cos at this point Kelly knows this is the closest thing to a daughter she is ever going to have...

A Little Bit Stronger

Leighton Meester - Country Strong (More Music from the Motion Picture)

01:31 Last song sung by Chiles in Dallas as Kelly says her last words to Beau in her dressing room...

Honky Tonk Blues

Hank Williams - Alone With His Guitar

At The Stage, right after Beau sings, Chiles asks him how she looks bf going out to sing... "Like a country-Barbie" he answers.


Lee Brice - Lee Brice

00:19 Song playing in the background as Beau and James talk buisness in the alley outside The Stage

Last Date

Floyd Cramer - The Essential Floyd Cramer

00:26 James takes Kelly out to dinner to discuss how her breakout tour is coming along but Kelly keeps wanting to talk about how happy they were when they were first together and not famous

Words I Couldn't Say

Leighton Meester - Country Strong (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

00:35 Song sung by Chiles as James tries to calm down the freaked out Kelly and get her out on stage, & when she tries to kiss him, he pulls on her and she slaps him and feels bad, & reluctantly goes out on stage...

Sea of Heartbreak

Don Gibson - RCA Country Legends: Don Gibson (Remastered)

00:46 In the van looking at Chile's notecards to help her be "smart" and not seem so much like a "dumb beauty queen" One of the band members tease them about how they should just sleep together and get it all over with"

Take Me Away

Hayes Carll - Country Strong (More Music from the Motion Picture)

01:01 James talks to Beau about Kelly, but punches Beau when he tells him "we both know I'm not her 'sponser'"

Fly Again

Nikki Williams - Country Strong (More Music from the Motion Picture)

01:24 The long tour is finally arriving in Dallas with many things changed and different...

Silver Wings

Garrett Hedlund - Country Strong (More Music from the Motion Picture)

Beau finishes up show at local bar and is shown driving to work at Kelly's rehab clinic w/his guitar

Hard Out Here

Garrett Hedlund - Country Strong (More Music from the Motion Picture)

00:13 Song Beau finishes his set up with at The Stage

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