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Rotten to the Core

Dove Cameron - Descendants (Original TV Movie Soundtrack)

Mal, Evie, Jay & Carlos cause mischief on the isle.

Evil Like Me

Kristin Chenoweth - Descendants (Original TV Movie Soundtrack)

Maleficent and Mal sing in the museum, when her statue comes to life.

Be Our Guest

Mitchell Hope - Descendants (Original TV Movie Soundtrack)

Ben, Lonnie, Audrey, Doug, Chad and the rest of Auradon sing at family day.

Did I Mention

Jeff Lewis - Descendants (Original TV Movie Soundtrack)

Ben confesses his feelings for Mal after winning the tourney game.

If Only

Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson & China Anne McClain

When Mel and Ben went on their first date.

Set it Off

Dove Cameron - Descendants (Original TV Movie Soundtrack)

The Citizens of Auradon celebrate after the coronation and defeating Maleficent.

If Only (Reprise)

Dove Cameron - Descendientes (Original TV Movie Soundtrack)

Mal thinking about reversing the love spell she put on Ben before the coronation.

Good Is the New Bad

Dove Cameron - Descendants (Original TV Movie Soundtrack)

The crew heads back to isle of the lost to pick new VK's for Auradon.

Descendants Score Suite

David Lawrence - Descendientes (Original TV Movie Soundtrack)

Opening (Mal tells about Auradon), Maleficent arrives in the Isle, The kids cross the barrier; The Kids try to steal the wand from the museum; Coronation Day.

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