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Heartbreak Warfare

John Mayer - Battle Studies

Just before the big-night-out date in Manhattan

Blitzkrieg Bop

The Ramones

At the very beginning of the movie

Why Me

Margie Balter

When Steve and tina go out for a date at the steak house in the beginning

Date Night Blues

The Rave-Ups

00:10 Phil (Carrell) is talking to Brad (Mark Ruffalo) in his games room and tells Phil that he and Haley are splitting.

French Connection

Solar Budd

00:18 Phil and Claire arrive at the Claw restaurant.

I'll Never Dream

Kaskade - Strobelite Seduction (Bonus Track Version)

00:21 When Phil and Claire are walking to their table at the claw restaurant.

Moving On

Morgan Page

00:22 Phil and Claire are having their dinner at the claw restaurant. They snap a picture of

I Want'a Do Something Freaky to You

Leon Haywood - The Best of Leon Haywood

00:48 Song playing in Holbrooke's (Mark Wahlberg) apartment when Phil and Claire show up.

Cobrastyle (feat. Mad Cobra)


During the collided cars chase


Teddybears featuring Mad Cobra - Employee of the Month (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

01:09 During the car chase scene, when the audi is attached to the cab.


Teddybears - Fresh

During the car chase scene, when the audi is attached to the cab.

God Created Woman

A.B. O'Neill

01:21 The Fosters walk into the strip club and Claire goes to get changed into her outfit.


Spiral System

01:00 2nd song in the club. Claire gets dressed up in her costume in the strip club. Phil says he can't stop looking at her boobs.

Love Gun (feat. Lauren Bennett)

Cee Lo Green

01:25 Phil and Claire start to dance erotically for Crenshaw on the pole.



01:22 3rd song in the club. Phil and Claire walk through and watch all the dancers.


Terry Lynn

01:28 6th song in the club. Phil and Claire tell Crenshaw that they\'re the Triplehorns.

Something Bigger, Something Better

Amanda Blank - Mixmag Presents Diplo: 2009 Rewind!

01:23 4th song in the club. Phil and Claire enter the back room and Crenshaw tells them to dance.

(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher

Jackie Wilson - The Bachelor (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

01:36 Phil and Claire kiss and roll around on the ground outside their house. Plays into end credits and outtakes.

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