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Django in Space

Aj McLauchlin & Devin Nerdberry

00:10 The bar patron tries to get the jukebox to work. He sits close to Abby and they have a conversation about the town.

Shoot To Space

Alex Sowinski, Leland Whitty & Thomas Moffett

00:15 Abby has dinner with Laure and Marcus.

In Your Eyes

Alex Sowinski, Leland Whitty & Thomas Moffett

00:50 Laure gives Abby information on Beverly Moles.

The Stranger of Galilee

Will Yeats

01:14 The Moulins tell Abby the truth on what happened to Alex.

My Tears Run Backwards

Tommy Strange & The Features - Vintage Country 1957-1969

00:31 Charlie is driving with Abby when she notices The Moulin’s on one of the billboards.

Another Show, Another Town

Robie Lester

00:08 Abby arrives at the motel.

Too Many Fantasies (feat. Wendy Watson)

W l Heartbeats Unlimited - Too Many Fantasies

00:27 Instrumental music playing in The Magnificent Moulin’s VHS tape.

One More Time

Tommy Strange & The Features - Vintage Country 1957-1969

00:29 Abby looks around Charlie’s office.

Glenn's Idea

Glenn Crytzer's Savoy Seven - Uptown Jump

00:36 Abby and Laure go to the Flying Saucer restaurant to find Walter.

There Goes Sputnik

Teen-Clefs - Memory Lane (Volume 1)

00:39 Laure asks Abby at the booth what happened at Toronto.

I'm Back

Dave & Don - Vintage Country 1957-1969

00:54 Abby waits in the lobby until Beverly arrives.

Ever Blue

Robie Lester - Cult Hits of the 1960's, Vol. 5

01:32 A man with an eyepatch checks into Abby’s motel.

One More Time

Tommy Strange - Amazing Hits of the Transistor Era, Vol. 2

1st use: Abby goes to CLC, 2nd use: Plays at diner

I'm Back

Dave - Vintage Country 1957-1969

Plays in the background as Bev arrives.

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