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Keep Everybody Warm

Prairie Cartel - Prairie Cartel EP

Kyle walks through the video chat house


AWOLNATION - Megalithic Symphony

opening credits as the skateboarders urinate in the water bottles



two kids plan to send a fake message from a girl to Ben

Birthday Boy

Kidstreet - Fuh Yeah

Nina meets up with Kyle at the skatepark

Tisk Tisk

The Swayback

Shane is introduced to Kyles group of video chatters. He gets asked if he wants to get paid to jerk off

Ni Su Nave

Jayme Ivison - Disconnect (Music from the Motion Picture)

the photo of Ben is sent around school and the kids bully him

American Daydream

Electric Guest - Mondo

Kyle and Nina smoke a joint in the bathroom

Very Busy People

The Limousines - Piranha 3DD (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Kyle listens to this song on his headphones on the bus as Nina celebrates

On the Nature of Daylight

Max Richter - Disconnect (Music from the Motion Picture)

Violin song during montage of all the different characters


Jónsi - Go

Final song as Bens sister plays this for him

Club Bub Dance

Adam Zelkind

00:46 Kyle watch the interview he had with Nina in his room.

Restless Youth

Air Dubai - Wonder Age

00:08 The two kids plan to send a fake message from a girl to Ben.



00:22 The two kids spot Ben at the Cafeteria.and send him nude photos of "Jessica".

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