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Look After You

The Fray - Through the Years: The Best of the Fray

David and Millie in the hotel in Rome and then they go to the Roman Coliseum

Lil King Kong

Simple Kid

David wakes up in his New York apartment as an older David.

Lay Down The Law

The Switches

00:14 David picks up a girl in the London bar.

Ahead By a Century

The Tragically Hip - Yer Favourites (International Version)

00:29 David invites Millie to go to Rome with him.

Lucky Girl

Black Summer Crush

00:24 David visits the bar that Millie is working at and watches her. He ends up fighting with an old friend that sees him.

Lil' King Kong

Simple Kid - 2

When David is laying in his bed as a kid then as an adult



00:56 First song that plays in car jump sequence in Japan.

Ladies and Gentleman


00:57 Playing during the car jump sequence when Griffin and David drive a mercedes through Japan.

Rabbit Hole

Eastern Conference Champions - Ameritown

00:27 David and Millie are talking after David's fight with Mark. Millie buys David a beer.

Blackened Blue Eyes

Charlatans UK

01:20 First song in end credits.

Piu Forte Delle Bombe

Colle Der Fomento

00:44 Playing in the taxi when David and Millie get in.


The Qemists - Join the Q

1st song during car jump scene

My Day so Far

John Powell - Jumper (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Opening sequence; David’s narration

Bridges, Rules, Banking

John Powell - Jumper (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

David gets a hotel room and uses his jumping skills to rob a bank

In Hospital

John Powell - Jumper (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

David finds his father lying bleeding. He gets his father to a hospital.

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