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Prize Winner

Mark Governor

00:20 Senior Product Specialist and homeowner of Leisureland, Jeff Lonowsk, introduces himself to the audience.

Monday Monday

Kait Dunton, Jake Reed and Daniel Rojas

00:42 Paul arrives at the entrance of Leisureland.


Britney Christian

00:49 Paul arrives at Dave and Carol’s daughter’s birthday party.

Aim High

Mimoza Blinsson

00:50 Dave gives Paul some advice on finding women in Leisureland.

Bill-Jane Doe

Richard Ford

00:52 Paul’s neighbor, Dušan, is hosting a rave upstairs Paul’s apartment.


Richard Ford

00:53 Dušan arrives at Paul’s apartment.

Cheek to Cheek

Ella Fitzgerald

00:19 Paul and Audrey arrive at Leisureland.

Cheek to Cheek

Ella Fitzgerald & Chick Webb

00:19 Paul and Audrey arrive at Leisureland.


Daniel Rojas and Richard Ford

00:55 Paul talks with his girlfriend by the elevators.

Un Reve

The Overland Project

01:10 Paul asks Dušan about Ngoc Lan.

My Belo Horizonte

The Overland Project

01:11 Paul checks Ngoc Lan’s leg and tells her she has arthritis.


Bernardo Pla and his Latin Ensemble

01:21 Paul returns to Ngoc Lan’s apartment and finds out that Glady’s has passed away.

Manjing Jam

Daniel Rojas & Matthew Wang

00:41 Paul exits through the main lobby of Lesuireland.

Manjing Jam

Daniel Rojas

00:41 Paul exits through the main lobby of Lesuireland.

Green Emerald

Daniel Rojas & Matthew Wang

00:42 Paul arrives at the main entrance of Lesuireland.

La Dejé Llorando

Son 14 - La Máquina Musical

01:15 Paul looks around the walls of Leisureland as Ngoc Lan tells him to follow her.

Green Emerald

Daniel Rojas

00:42 Paul arrives at the main entrance of Lesuireland.

Eg Veit I Himmerik Ei Borg

Sissel - De Beste (1986 - 2006)

Last song, very end of credits. Singer may be Tuva Livsdatter Syvertsen, not Sissel but sounds like her.

Back in My Life (Boxer Presents)

Dandy - Sunlounger Sessions 2015, Vol. 1

01:04 Paul wanders into the pool area and starts hallucinating about his wife.

I Know

Astronauts, etc. - Mind Out Wandering

00:16 Paul and Dave talk about the benefits of “downsizing” at the kitchen.

Casta diva

Angela georghiu

Paul walks into his mansion


Cándido Fabré & Cándido Fabré y Su Banda - Cubano Soy

01:22 Paul tries to fix Ngoc Lan Prosthetic leg but accidentally breaks it.

The Launch

Richard Myhill - Think Big

00:21 Jeff Lonowski shows the audience the interior of his house.

Leaving Montana

Tessy Lou and the Shotgun Stars - Leaving Montana

00:11 Paul and his friends watch a news report on “downsizing” at a bar.

Closer to Free

BoDeans - Go Slow Down

00:14 Paul and Audrey arrive at the alumni.

Long Cool Woman (In a Black Dress)

The Hollies - The Hollies' Greatest Hits

00:15 Paul and Audrey find out their friends, Dave and Carol, has downsized.

Afraid to Look

John Paul Keith - The Man That Time Forgot

00:24 Paul talks to Barry at the going away party.

Palm Tree

The Chapin Sisters - Two

00:25 Audrey says her final goodbyes to her friends before going to Leisureland with her husband.

Money Worries

Bedouin Soundclash - Sounding a Mosaic

00:26 Audrey’s father arrives at the bar and talks with her daughter about Leisureland.

Before the Storm

Jack Savoretti - Before the Storm

00:27 The bartender gets into an argument with Paul and Audrey over their decision of undergoing “downsizing” and the effect it has on normal sized people.

Back In My Life - Radio Mix


Paul wanders into the pool area and starts hallucinating about his wife.

Once Upon a Love Time

Chuck Mangione - The Feeling's Back

00:51 Paul has dinner with his girlfriend at his apartment.

Keep On Truckin'

Eddie Kendricks - The Ultimate Collection: Eddie Kendricks

00:56 Paul arrives at the party hosted by Dušan with the flower. Dušan Introduces Paul to his friend and companion, Konrad.


Eligio Vega & Fredy Sierra

01:17 Paul enters Ngoc Lan's apartment where she's treating a sick woman named Gladys.

The Greatest

KING - We Are King

00:58 Joris Konrad talks to Paul at the balcony on why he “downsized”.

Alabina (feat. Anissa)

Ferria - Maxi danses, vol. 3 (Valse Tango Ambiance Boogie Slows Oriental)

01:01 Paul wanders into the dance floor and meets a woman who mouth feeds him LSD.

Being Authentic

Shantel - Planet Paprika

01:02 After a failed attempt of throwing up the drug from his system at the bathroom. Paul starts feeling the effects of the drugs.

My Time

Mackintosh Braun - The Sound

01:05 Dušan gives coffee to Paul as they talk about Little Ronnie and the colony at Norway.

Un Simple Histoire

Thievery Corporation - The Richest Man In Babylon

01:07 Dušan talks to Paul on why he “downsized”.

Negra Linda

Calixto Ochoa - Calixto Ochoa & Las Vibraciones

01:16 Plays in the background as Paul enters the slums where Ngoc Lan lives.

Los Borrachos

Eduardo Saborit - Gózalo a Tu Manera

01:20 Gladys falls asleep. Paul asks Ngoc Lan if he could fix her foot but Ngoc Lan tells Paul she’s tired. Paul then leaves and says goodbye.

Cumbia para las Mujeres

Son 14 - Salsa De Cuba, Vol. 2

01:22 Paul attempts to fix Ngoc Lan's prosthetic leg when he accidentally breaks it.

No Puedo Parar de Alabarte

Erick Porta - Celebración Tanto Amor (En Vivo)

01:27 First song sung by the Spanish choir at the church.

My Tribute (To God Be the Glory)

Andraé Crouch - House of Gospel Anthology: The 70's Vol. 1

01:28 Second song sung by the Spanish choir at the church.

Cumbia (feat. Edgar Villarroel)

Roberto Pla Latin Emsemble

01:26 Paul and Ngoc Lan leave the apartment building.

Clarity 2

Greg Ellis - Rhythm Pharm: Clarity

01:42 Paul tries to convince Ngoc Lan to join him and Dr. Asbjørnsen‘s group in the vault.

My Tribute

Andraé Crouch

Second song sung by the Spanish choir at the church.

It's a Lovely Day

Amber Claire - Great Escape

00:53 Second song at the dinner table.

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