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Don't Even Know It

Max Harwood

Jamie is seated in the lecture hall. He sings about the wall clock ticking too slowly. The remainder of the class then joins in on the singing and dancing. The next scenes are from a party and a catwalk.

Wall In My Head

Max Harwood

Jamie is having a private birthday celebration with his mother and a friend. He's got crimson high heels on. Jamie recalls his early years and the first time he ever put on makeup.


Original West End Cast of Everybody's Talking About Jamie

Pritti and Jamie are seated at a classroom table. She begins singing this tune. A number of women are scrubbing the floor in the background. A disco is transformed in the school cafeteria.

Work Of Art

''Everybody's Talking About Jamie'' Original Album Cast - Everybody's Talking About Jamie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Miss sings to Jamie as they walk down the corridor; Jamie sings while dancing on the stage.

Work Of Art

Sharon Horgan

This song is sung by Jamie and Miss Hedge.

Over The Top

Richard E. Grant

Jamie is seated on a chair and the drag queen is standing in front of her. She begins singing this tune. Jamie receives cosmetics application from the other queens. Ray is waiting for the show with his mother in the audience.

Everybody's Talking About Jamie

Dan Gillespie Sells - Everybody's Talking About Jamie (West End Edition)

On the bus, two girls are discussing Jamie's performance. While playing soccer, several boys are discussing Jamie's performance. In the cafeteria of the school, every pupil is dancing.

It Means Beautiful

Lauren Patel

Pritti performs this song to Jamie as he kneels in front of her as she is sitting on her bed.

Kiss The Sun

Beverly Knight

This song is being performed live by Jamie. The students in his class boo him.

He's My Boy

Original West End Cast of Everybody's Talking About Jamie

Margaret is in the kitchen standing. She sings about Jamie, her son. In the evening, Jamie strolls the streets.

My Man, Your Boy

Original West End Cast of Everybody's Talking About Jamie

At the dinner table with his mother is Jamie. He has a bleeding nose, which she is tending to. Jamie begins to perform this song.

While You're Still Young

Sophie Ellis-Bextor

A video is being taken on a cell phone by two youngsters. Every student is eagerly anticipating the prom.

Out Of The Darkness (A Place Where We Belong)

Max Harwood

The song is heard at the prom, nearing the end of the film.

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