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Heart of Stone

Otis Williams & The Charms - Old King Gold Volume 3 (Original King Recordings)

Henry's mailman is threatened to stop delivering mail from school

Toot, Toot, Tootsie Goodbye

Ernie Erdman, Ted Fiorito and Gus Kahn

00:50 Karen is watching "The Jazz Singer" on T.V.

Firenze sogna

Giuseppe di Stefano - Giuseppe Di Stefano, Vol. 3 (The Best Tenors)

Getting new suit; Wasting aprons shooting; REPEATS at poker game; Tommy kills Spider


The Cadillacs - Jubilee & Josie R&B Vocal Groups Volume Four

Young Henry as sandwich boy; Jimmy Conway introduced


Billy Ward & The Dominoes - Goodfellas (Music from the Motion Picture)

Idlewild Airport 1963 & the first time we see adult Henry; Truck hijacking

This World We Love In (2011 Remastered Version)

Mina - I Am Mina

Bamboo Lounge, Mobsters introduced & Air France heist is planned

Memo From Turner

The Rolling Stones

01:50 "8:05 am"..and then fades to "Magic Bus"

It's Not for Me to Say

Johnny Mathis - Gold: A 50th Anniversary Celebration

Double date where we meet Karen & she is ignored by Henry

It's Not for Me to Say (From the MGM Film "Lizzie")

Johnny Mathis

Double date where we meet Karen & she is ignored by Henry


Betty Curtis - Le più belle canzoni

Karen gets stood-up & confronts Henry on the street

Then He Kissed Me

The Crystals - The Phil Spector Collection

Henry & Karen enter the Copacabana from the rear

Look In My Eyes

The Chantels - 50s Oldies

Air France heist; Paulie gets his cut


Derek and The Dominoes

Bodies being discovered in various places

Roses Are Red (My Love)

Bobby Vinton - The Best of Bobby Vinton

Henry & Karen at the beach resort & getting champagne from Bobby Vinton at the Copa


The Marvellettes

00:26 During the restaurant "bust-out" scene

Life Is But a Dream

The Harptones - Echoes of a Rock Era

Henry & Karen's wedding & reception

Frosty The Snow Man

The Ronnettes

Aftermath of the Lufthansa heist, Jimmy yells at Johnny and Frankie

I Will Follow Him

Norman Gimbel, Arthur Altman, J.W. Stole and Del Roma

Karen yells at Henry in the street for stooding her up.

Happy Birthday To You


Family members sing this to Little Jimmy at his birthday party over Karen's narration; Mob life montage No outsiders

He's Sure the Boy I Love

The Crystals - Chapel of Love

We meet Billy Batts at The Suite Lounge; Shinebox insult


Donovan - Barabajagal

Billy Batts is beaten by Tommy & Jimmy

Atlantis (Single Version)

Donovan - Donovan's Greatest Hits

Billy Batts is beaten by Tommy & Jimmy

Pretend You Don't See Her

Jerry Vale - Jerry Vale: Greatest Hits

Friday night at the Copa with "girlfriends"; Sunday dinner at Paulie's

Remember (Walkin' in the Sand)

The Shangri-Las - Remember (Hits and Rarities from the Bad Girls of 60S Pop)

Henry & Janice at The Suite just before digging up Billy Batts body

Baby I Love You

Aretha Franklin - Atlantic Top 60: Sweat-Soaked Soul Classics

Janice's apartment; She shows her girlfriends around; Spider is introduced at poker game

The Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Tony Bennett - The Classics (Deluxe Edition)

Dinner at Paulie's house after Henry is paroled

The Bells of St. Mary’s

The Drifters

When they show Joe Pesci shooting stacks in slo mo.

Gimme Shelter

The Rolling Stones - The Vietnam War (The Soundtrack)

Henry cutting cocaine at Sandy's; Brings in Jimmy & Tommy at parole office

Wives and Lovers

Jack Jones - Mad Men - A Musical Companion (1960-1965)

Karen shows off the new house to Belle; Morrie pitches the Lufthansa heist to Henry

Monkey Man

The Rolling Stones

We meet the Lois the babysitter; Henry back at Sandy's cutting cocaine REPEATS during montage while Henry is driving frantically; Henry & Karen hide guns at Karen's moms house

Frosty the Snowman

The Ronettes - A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector

Henry arrives at the Christmas party; Jimmy chews out Johnny Roastbeef about the Cadillac

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

Darlene Love - The Concert of Love

Jimmy chews out Frankie Carbone for the mink; Morrie bothers Jimmy for his share of the Lufthansa heist

The Bells of St. Mary's

The Drifters - Drift & Dream

Henry's Christmas tree; Stacks Edwards execution

Unchained Melody

Vito & The Salutations - Unchained Melody / Gloria - Single

In the bar Henry is worried about Stacks; Tommy thinks he is being "made"; Morrie bothers Jimmy again

Roses Are Red

Bobby Vinton - Yellow River & More Oldies

at the nightclub, Karen describes dating Henry as Bobby Vinton sings and sends them champagne

Danny Boy (traditional)


Morrie sings this to Henry and then to himself as he leaves the bar after failing to talk to Jimmy

Sunshine of Your Love

Cream - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Vol. 2: 1992-1994 (Live)

Jimmy thinks about killing Morrie and others in his crew


Derek & The Dominos - Complete Clapton

Plays as dead bodies are being found all over the city; Tommy is executed REPEATS as 2nd song during END CREDITS

Jump Into the Fire

Harry Nilsson - Everybody's Talkin': The Very Best of Harry Nilsson

Helicopter sequence; Delivering guns to Jimmy REPEATS Henry brings brother home from the hospital; Starts dinner & more helicopters REPEATS Drum solo of song plays immediately before Henry is arrested

My Way

Sid Vicious

End scene/credits

Magic Bus

The Who - Maximum As & Bs

Henry driving frantic while intoxicated almost has an accident

Magic Bus - Live

The Who - Live At The Isle Of Wight Festival 1970

Henry driving frantic while intoxicated almost has an accident

What Is Life

George Harrison - The Apple Years 1968-75

More frantic driving by Henry as he picks up the guns again; Stops at his cocaine connection; Gets a call from Sandy; Call to Lois; Lois calls from inside line

What Is Life (2009 Mix)

George Harrison - Let It Roll: Songs of George Harrison

More frantic driving by Henry as he picks up the guns again; Stops at his cocaine connection; Gets a call from Sandy; Call to Lois; Lois calls from inside line

Mannish Boy

Muddy Waters - The Chess 50th Anniversary Collection: His Best, 1947 to 1955

Last time at Sandy's house cutting cocaine; Dinner at the Hill's with the kids, Lois & his brother Michael

My Way

Sex Pistols - 50 Glam Punk Classics

(Sung by bass player SID VICIOUS) END CREDITS

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