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Keir MacCulloch

Official trailer.

Mover Awayer

Hobo Johnson

Clare waits for Stella outside a Halloween party.

Twist and Shout

Tony Brown, Jordan Fisher

Aiden grabs the mic and sings and dances.

Everything I Ever Wanted

Jordan Fisher

HELLO, GOODBYE, AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN | Official Trailer | Netflix (2022)


Charly Bliss - Young Enough

Aidan and Clare shop at the candy store.


Mallrat - In the Sky - EP

Montage of Aiden and Clare spending time together; (repeats) They play with sparklers and watch the fireworks.

dancing around


Aiden and his family come over to Clare’s backyard for a final goodbye cookout before Clare heads off to college.


Peached - Peached - EP

Aidan and Clare head out for their breakup date; (repeats) Aiden and Clare argue.

Won't Come Down

Flyers - Dreaming - Single

Aidan and Clare walk into the festival.


Milk & Bone

Concert flashback.


Milk & Bone - Deception Bay

Aiden and Claire are dancing at the concert.

Cut Loose

The Teacher Haters

Ice rink flashback.

Big Boy Cruising

George Moir - Guide to Growing - EP

(Flashback) Aiden and Clare have been to the ice rink for a hockey game on a previous date; They are having a do over.


Wesley Jensen and The Penny Arcade - Something New - EP

(Flashback) Aidan and Clare are tubing behind a boat, screaming.


Houses - Drugstore Heaven

Clare and Aiden are headed to a pizza place together.

So What May

Murder Shoes

At the pizza place, the backroom is decked out like Valentine’s day.

Everything You Wanted

Edward James - Chillwave Songs - EP

Clare is at the pizza shop and multiple versions of herself talk to her to help her make a decision.

Gas Station

Gary Francois Royant

The four friends are eating pizza together.

No Waves


Clare, Aiden, Stella, and Scotty have broken into their high school; Aiden gets hurt.

Set Sail

Turf Club

Aidan, Stella and Scotty all excitedly chat as music plays on the bus.


dayaway - Dayaway - Single

Clare, Aiden, Stella and Scotty at a beach bonfire party with their classmates.


Overjoy - Same - Single

The friends are hanging out at a beach party.

Love Is An Ocean

Wolfgang Black

Clare, Aiden, Stella, and Scotty are hanging out at a house party with classmates.

Santa Monica


Clare walks into the party.

Twist and Shout

Tony Brown

A crowded basement party is in full swing

Gimme Da Loot

Trevor Lewallen

Clare and Aidan argue.


George Moir

Clare lies on her bed, she checks her phone and puts it back down looking disappointed.

If You Think It's Love

King Princess - Cheap Queen

Clare and Aidan swim out to a buoy.

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