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Romeo and Juliet, Fantasy Overture

Chicago Symphony Orchestra - Tchaikovsky: "1812" Overture, Capriccio Italien, Romeo & Julie, Francesca Da Rimini

Opening, Tim hangs up the payphone then goes swimming; The play; (repeats) Tim cuts John's hair off; (repeats) At the end, he swims in Italy.

Forever and a Year

Rufus Wainwright - Holding the Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

John comes home from the hospital, and he and Tim make love for the last time.

(Don't Fear) The Reaper

Blue Ă–yster Cult - Holding the Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

This song plays while Tim and John kiss on top of John's car

Groove Thang

B.E.F. - Penthouse and Pavement

Tim and John are in a riot group. They go back to John’s house and watch old home movies of John. They proceed to make out, and are about to have sex 'for real’ for the the first time, when John’s parents come home.


Blondie - The Best of Blondie

Tim moves out of his parents' home and into his own apartment.

20th Century Boy

T. Rex - Tanx (Deluxe)

Tim watches John play footie.


Roger Hodgson - Holding the Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Tim is in his bathroom making strange faces in the mirror, his mother tells him someone’s on the phone for him.

I Feel Love

Bronski Beat - The Age of Consent

After his parents tell him he can’t see John anymore, Tim hops on his bike and leaves, biking to John’s house in tears. The song stops for a brief pause as the two kiss across a mosquito net, Tim hides as John’s father comes into his room, and Bob talks to John. The music resumes when Bob leaves after telling John that he will see a psychologist. In anger, John breaks down the mosquito net and flees with Tim on his own bike.

Hit'n Run Lover

Carol Jiani - Night Clubbing, Vol.3

This song plays when Tim is at the gay bar.

This Time

Dragon - Greatest Hits Acoustic: Sunshine to Rain

Tim and John's secret relationship starts, and they become close friends in public.

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