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Rockin' around the Christmas Tree

Brenda Lee - Brenda Lee: Anthology, Vols. 1 & 2 (1956-1980)

Plays while Kevin stages his house to look full to trick Harry and Marv.

Run Rudolph Run

Chuck Berry - The Essential NOW That's What I Call Christmas

McCallisters are running to their gate at the airport.


Aloha Broha - No Dogs Allowed

Not sure why but the beginning of this song contains Kevin's temper tantrum about wanting to live alone when he grows up and gets married.

Carol Of The Bells

Peter Wilhousky

Marv and harry come to McCallister house

Run Rudolph Run (Single Version)

Chuck Berry - Kids Christmas

After a head miscount, the McCallisters travel to the airport leaving Kevin at home.

The South Bend Shovel Slayer

VHS - A Very Merry VHS Xmas 3 - EP

Not strictly part of the soundtrack but still fun. The beginning of this song is the dialogue where Buzz is trying to scare Kevin and their cousin with tales about who Old Man Marley really is.

O Holy Night

John Sullivan Dwight

Song the church choir is singing when Kevin goes inside and talks with Marley.


TheOnlyVintage - Tis' - Single

Beginning of this song is the dialogue where the adults argue over who is going to pay the pizza delivery boy, then the line about Kevin being a jerk after he shoves Buzz for eating his cheese pizza.

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree (Single)

Brenda Lee - Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

The fake party Kevin orchestrates with cardboard standees and mannequins designed to fool the thieves.

Please Come Home for Christmas

Southside Johnny Lyon - Home Alone (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [25th Anniversary Edition]

Kate decides to wait in the Paris airport for a seat to open so she can fly back to Chicago and the family says goodbye to her as they leave.

$122.50 + Tip

The John Candy - Sgt. Pepper's Sample-Based Hardcore Band - EP

Opens with Buzz admitting to eating Kevin's cheese pizza, and Fuller being told to go easy on the Pepsi. Contains various other snippets of dialogue from other characters.

You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch

Thurl Ravenscroft - Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Playing on the TV while Kevin is asleep and then he hears Harry and Marv outside his house.

Blog Dot Com

Swords the Ronin - Home Alone

Opens with the dialogue where Kate sends Kevin to the dreaded third floor for causing a nuisance in the kitchen.

Put 'Em In Your Purse

Douibyorthst - Hotdog.jpg and Other Fine Musics

A silly song about the moment Frank discovers that something on the plane (presumably glassware) is actually lead crystal and tells Leslie to stash them in her handbag (what we Aussies call a purse.)

Man of the House

John Williams - Home Alone (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [25th Anniversary Edition]

Kevin has woken to a quiet and empty house. Upon realising this he roams around calling out for various family members and finds himself in the basement confronted by a scary-looking furnace.

Raffish Ralph

Capaul - Surgeon General's Warning

Detected by Shazam. Song opens with Kevin sifting through Buzz's trunk of personal belongings. Kevin calls out to a non-existent Buzz hoping it will bring him out of hiding.

Angels With Filthy Souls (feat. Ryan Trombly)

Funky Brewster - Boy's Club I

Opens with dialogue from Angels With Filthy Souls.


Chi-Owl - Parallel

Opens with dialogue from Angels With Filthy Souls.

Angels With Filthy Souls

The Home Alones - The Home Alones

A parody song about the Angels With Filthy Souls scene.

Wet Bandits

Ty Bru & Tenacious - The Dopest Mcs

Opens with the dialogue of The Wet Bandits surveying the automatic Christmas lights from their van.

Somewhere in My Memory

John Williams - Home Alone (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [25th Anniversary Edition]

(1st time is with actual singing):Kevin watches a family getting together for Christmas before going to the church/(2nd time is instrumental): Kevin smiles when he sees that Marley has reconciled with his estranged son and they wave at each other.


Calvary Dominique - Kidz - Single

Detected by Shazam. Kevin gets a fright of mammoth proportions when his next door neighbour comes out with his snow shovel. He races screaming up the stairs.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Sara Kay - Mistletoe and Chill: A Very Lofi Christmas

Kevin eats ice cream while watching Angels with filithy souls

Yeah Man

Don Broco - Priorities

Kevin eats ice cream while watching Angels with filithy souls


Justinmar - Menthol.

Kevin eats pizza.


Post War Years

Kevin eats pizza.

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