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Ivan Burlyaev

00:01 Introduction. Several guards are shot down, a guy wants to talk to Matvey

The Game


00:04 Opening titles. Cyber sport tournament, semi-final


Ivan Burlyaev

00:10 Max is at home and loads the new game


Михаил Клягин (Michael Klyagin)

00:18 Vampire and Rita come to the shooting gallery

You Will Be Under My Wheels

The Prodigy, Public Enemy & Manfred Mann

00:27 Rita drives Vampire to the construction where the gamers play paintball

You Will Be Under My Wheels

The Prodigy

00:27 Rita drives Vampire to the construction where the gamers play paintball

Gamers vs Commandos

Ivan Burlyaev

00:36 The gamers come to the storehouse to rescue Max and find out that it's full of mercenaries


Ivan Burlyaev

00:39 The gamers load Doc's car with weapons

The Aftermath

Ivan Burlyaev

00:43 Skolskiy reports that the gamers have made the slaughter

The Temptation

Ivan Burlyaev

00:51 Doc convinces Vampire to blackmail the criminals

Alea Jacta Est

Ivan Burlyaev

00:57 After unsuccessful threatening the gamers shoot down the criminal authorities

Entering The Evil

Ivan Burlyaev

00:59 Lebedev recruits the gamers

Беги [Begi] (tr. - Run)


01:01 Vampire and Rita are together after her kidnapping, talking about their future

Villermo Arriving

Ivan Burlyaev

01:07 Lebedev meets Villermo

Paintball Show

Ivan Burlyaev

01:08 The gamers win the paintball match played for Villermo

Bad News

Ivan Burlyaev

01:09 Lebedev shows Boris Sergeevich the article about Zaritsyn


Ivan Burlyaev

01:10 Lebedev lies to the gamers that Zaritsyn is the bad guys and should be killed. They plan the assassination


Ivan Burlyaev

01:12 Komar and Dlinnyi fake the road accident. Vampire understands that they've been tricked

And Action!

Ivan Burlyaev

01:16 Doc knocks Vampire unconscious and gives an order to kill Zaritsyn

Wounded Interlude

Ivan Burlyaev

01:18 Dlinnyi is wounded. Komar and Doc drag him between the cars

Fire Head

Epic Score - Distorted, Vol. 1 - ES010

01:20 The gamers manage to escape, Doc shoots down the bus

Грустная [Grustnaya] (tr. - The Sad One)

ВоваКатя (VovaKatya)

01:23 Wounded Rita drives the van while the guys try to save Dlinnyi (tr. - Long)

Unhappy Ending

Ivan Burlyaev

01:25 The gamers meet Lebedev and leave with him. The emergency van (with Dlinnyi's dead body) is set on fire

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