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All Mirrors

Angel Olsen - All Mirrors

01:36 Final song, end credits.

Stick N A Brush

Kenny Werner

00:01 Joan talks to Sarah at work about DNA and You. Joan tells Sarah to try it out.

You Betrayed Me

Thomas Bergerson, Nick Phoenix

00:05 Sound effect during the Purgatory show.

"Brandenburg" Concerto No. 4, BWV 1049, Allegro

Jonathan Carney & Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

00:09 Joan gives Sarah a DNA and You kit at work as a birthday present.

Watch or Die Ending

Thomas Bergersen, Nick Phoenix

00:06 Ending song of the Purgatory show.

Hit the Spot


Brian rapping over the instrumental of this song. [1:06] Nikki and Brian arrive at the apartment and find Sarah having a psychotic episode

Hollywood Kills

Jake Picking

00:18 Brian plays his fourth track from his album to Sarah, Nikki, and Darren. They talk about a baker's dozen.


Jake Picking

00:19 Darren talks about relationships with Sarah until she gets a nosebleed and runs to the bathroom. Brian raps along to his music.


Jake Picking

00:21 Sarah and Darren dance along to this song.

Trio Sonata No. 1 in G

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

00:43 Sarah tells Joan at work about the strange dreams she's having.

Some Days

Jake Picking

01:06 Brian and Nikki arrive at the apartment to find Sarah acting erratically.

Party Train

Matt Smith, Daniel Carl Holter

00:45 Sarah at Zumba class again.

Burn Rubber

Joshua Herschel Klein

00:47 The villain from the Purgatory show counts to three Mississippi.

Three Orchards at the Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Gardens


Sarah cutting open a piece of fabric which leads to a blank corridor.

Average Joe

Stephen Emil Dudas - Blue Jasmine (Music from the Motion Picture)

00:27 Sarah is hanging the agate stone when she gets a nosebleed.

East LA Haze Dream

Sam Gendel

00:51 Dream sequence. Sarah wakes up in the car.

If It Ain't Hip

Emil Viklicky - The Swingin' sound of the Dr. Drew Podcast, Vol. 3

00:57 Darren apologizes to Sarah at the restaurant for talking about his ex girlfriend. They start talking about the paranormal.


Alibi Music - Cinematic Electro

Song from the Horse Girl official trailer.

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