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Seven One Eight

Fannypack - See You Next Tuesday

The song can be heard on the opening scenes. The other guys play basketball against Chuck and Larry.

The Air That I Breathe

The Hollies - The Hollies' Greatest Hits

Chuck and larry go to see the beautiful lawyer to see what kind of trouble they're in, and chuck gets love struck.


Nat "King" Cole - Nat King Cole

Chuck and Larry take a taxi to their wedding location close to Niagra Falls.

The Air That I Breathe - 2008 Remaster

The Hollies

The entrance of Alex into her office astounds Chuck and Larry.

Shining Star

Lance Bass & Augie\'s Side Effect

This song is sung at the wedding celebration by the band. Chuck invites Alex to dance.

Dancing Queen

ABBA - Number 1's: '70s Pop

When Chuck grabs a drink at the party, he sees a gorgeous bunny dancing and believes it to be Alex. It isn't.

How Can You Mend A Broken Heart

The Bee Gees

Chuck and Larry are arguing as they drive the fire truck back to the station while a woman yells at Chuck.

Anything You Can Do

Irving Berlin

Eric sings this song as he leaves the bedroom. Chuck discards his book in the trash.

Always On My Mind

Pet Shop Boys

A butterfly welcomes Chuck and Larry when they arrive at the homosexual fancy dress party. Larry goes to the bathroom.

Freedom '90

George Michael

At the wedding reception, this song is sung karaoke-style by the fireman with the band. Up until the closing credits, the song plays.

Open Arms

Journey - NOW That's What I Call 80s Hits

At the gathering, Chuck and Larry slow dance.

Groove Is In the Heart

Deee-Lite - World Clique

When Chuck and Larry are pushed into the middle of the dance floor during the party, they begin to leisurely dance while watching the other dancers.

Too Much Passion

The Smithereens - From Jersey It Came! - The Smithereens Anthology

After their girls' day out, Chuck and Alex make their way through the rain to her flat.

Shamrocks and Shenanigans (Boom Shalock Lock Boom)

House of Pain

While Chuck stretches, the men play basketball. When they notice him, they halt their game.

I'm Every Woman

Chaka Khan - Epiphany: The Best of Chaka Khan, Vol. 1

Chuck and Larry offer the background vocals while Fred sings while taking a shower.

High and Dry

Radiohead - The Bends

Alex hears Chuck's explanation of Larry's trigger. They kiss when he demonstrates his skills to Alex.

Set Adrift on Memory Bliss

P.M. Dawn - Classic 90s

Chuck and Alex talk about Larry while exchanging friendship bracelets.

The Rejection

Dangerous Muse

Kevin is introduced to Larry, who then inquires about the pitcher and catcher.

You're Beautiful

James Blunt

Chuck and Larry each sang a little song in the courtroom separately.

Calendar Girl

Neil Sedaka - Platinum & Gold Collection

The calendars have been released.

You're My Best Friend

Queen - A Night At the Opera (Deluxe Edition)

This is the first song on the end credits.

Under Pressure

Queen and David Bowie

Chuck and Larry see the supporters and protesters when they arrive at the courthouse.

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