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Kite Zo A

Lakou Mizik

Billie goes jogging after talking on the phone with Kim.

Simple Life

Sun Gods to Gamma Rays

A stranger at the bar offers to buy Billie a drink and they talk about her recent blackouts.

Immerse Yourself

Marlon Dakota Becker - Future Technik: Electronica & House

Billie talks to Christine at the after-party about their relationship and they share a kiss in the bathroom.

Luck & Mercy

Isaac Delusion

Billie meets Alex again at the bar and they share childhood memories as they talk.

Only One Love

Pat Edwards

Billie plays a song on a record and kisses Alex on the balcony.

A Little More

All Eyes - Change

Billie and Alex share intimate moments and have breakfast together.

Who Is This America Dem Speak Of Today?


Billie goes jogging and encounters the stranger again, prompting her to change direction.

Slowly Rmx


A flashback shows Billie declining the drink from Alex at the bar.

Up The Heat

Alana D Fonseca

The song plays during the final scene as Billie attends the art gallery event alone, serving as the first ending credits song.

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