Nelly Furtado

Heather is cheerleading and John plays a game with the team.

Crush (Extended Vinyl Version)

Urban Delights - Revolution No. 1

John asks Kate in the hallway about the flowers and we she didn't call him

I Want You to Want Me

Cheap Trick - The Essential Rock Sampler

Kate arrives at detention while Scott is singing along to "I Want You to Want Me," unaware that Kate is there


Cartel - John Tucker Must Die (Music From the Motion Picture)

The girls in Kate's kitchen while Lori brings groceries in

Fool For Love

Stefy - John Tucker Must Die (Music From the Motion Picture)

John and Kate are talking and walking down the beach while they watch the sunset.

I Like What You Say

Nada Surf - Lucky (Bonus Track Version)

When Kate and John dance on the boat

Float On

Ben Lee - John Tucker Must Die (Music From the Motion Picture)

Kate's mom tells her she has a friend at the door

Get Down (American Pie - Beta House)

Cham Pain - DeeTown Presents: Music from Raunchy Comedy Movies

When all the guys ignore John and the peer counselor flirts with him and offers him help

Just the Girl

The Click Five - Greetings from Imrie House

After John and Kate kiss for the first time


Taxi Doll

Heather confronts John about the rumours that he has another girlfriend

Wikked Lil' Grrrls


When Kate shows off her lingerie to the girls at the hotel.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

The Golden Republic

Heather puts the estrogen supplement into John's Bulk Up while he's at practice

I Want You So Hard (Boys Bad News)

Eagles of Death Metal

John walking across the balcony to get to Kate's hotel room

I Never

Rilo Kiley - More Adventurous

Kate and John on the boat

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