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Live Right Now

Raphael Lake - Glory Pop

International trailer

More and More of Your Amor

Nat "King" Cole

00:01 First song. Anna (Amy Adams) is being interviewed for a new job.

Within a Mile of Home

Flogging Molly - Within a Mile of Home

00:25 First song as Declan starts driving Anna across the country.

The Irish Rover

The Colonials ft. Candice Gordon

01:06 The wedding band plays this song during the reception.


Liz Huett - Leap! (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Felici poses as Camille and goes to the training montage for the first time.

Patsy Fagan

Dessie O'Halloran

00:19 Song at the Irish hotel pub. Declan prepares her food in the kitchen while Anna destroys her room before shorting out the whole hotel.

I'll Tell My Ma

The Colonials ft. Candice Gordon

01:07 The wedding band plays their second song at the reception. Declan asks Anna to dance with him.

Escaping the Orphanage

Klaus Badelt - Leap! (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

They escape the orphanage and the assistant of owner was trying to get them back

Only Love Can Break Your Heart

Gwyneth Herbert

01:13 Declan thinks Anna had left him on the bus, and is clearly upset. Anna walks out of the coffee shop and sees him.

Never Forget You

Noisettes - Wild Young Hearts (Bonus Track Version)

Declan is in the pub in Dublin waiting for his ex.

Shannon Reel

Daniel Darras - Leap! (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The Music of felice dancing in the tavern/菲丽西在酒馆跳舞的曲子

Just Say Yes

Snow Patrol - Up to Now

Only on the Trailer/TV Spot for the movie.



Felicie at the orphanage

1 Thing

Amerie - Now That's What I Call Party Hits

Only on the Trailer for the movie.

The Staunton Lick

Lemon Jelly - Lemon

00:52 Anna and Declan cook dinner for the small cottage and its guests.

Dream a Little Dream of Me

The Mamas & The Papas - Repo Men (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

00:57 Declan and Anna lie in bed together after kissing at dinner. They slowly turn to each other but quickly roll back over.

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