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Maya steps out of the car and encounters Narvel. She has her earphones on, immersed in the music playing this song.

Flower Bed

Devonté Hynes

Writing on the numerous kinds of gardens and flowers, Narvel is seated at his desk.

Narvel & Isobel

Devonté Hynes

Narvel visits Norma's home and waits for her on the porch after speaking with Isobel.

Sleeping / Gunshot

Devonté Hynes

Gardening is the most approachable art form, according to Narvel. He wakes up in the middle of the night to examine himself in the mirror.

Getting Dressed

Devonté Hynes

Narvel dons a suit and makes his way to Norma's house, where Janine greets him and offers him a drink.


Devonté Hynes

After supper, Norma takes Narvel's hand and guides him upstairs to her bedroom.

Johnny Boy

Devonté Hynes

Narvel hears from Neruda on recent activities of the group.


Devonté Hynes

Maya receives a gift from Norma from Narvel when he enters her room.

Waiting for May

Devonté Hynes

Narvel drives Maya to her neighborhood and waits for her in the car while she goes inside to get something.


Devonté Hynes

Narvel travels in the vehicle with Maya. In her conversation with him, she expresses her desire to return to Great Dixter in the future and her feeling of general well-being following the rehab meeting.

Tattoos II

Devonté Hynes

In front of Maya, Narvel strips off his clothes so she may see his tattoos up close. Narvel promises to have them taken off.

Magical Bloom

Devonté Hynes

When they spot them while driving across a flower-filled field, Narvel and Maya yell.

Prelude to Space and Time

Devonté Hynes

In the final scene of the film, Narvel leaves Norma's home while music is playing in the background.

Space and Time


On the porch, Maya and Narvel are twirling. The song played during the closing credits.

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