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Full Moon

2 Tite

01:15 End Credits.

Ave Maria

Rochet Blair

01:05 Christopher hides in a performance art exhibit.

Love Commander

Night After Night

01:02 Christopher crashes the rooftop party.

So It Goes

The Hard Ups

00:31 Plays in the radio as Paul is taking pictures of Christopher and becomes frustrated that no one will assist him.

As She Rah

Rah Bras - WHOHM

00:11 Christopher arrives at the Murder Party.

Untuck It

RPG - Full Time

01:08 Macon crashes the rooftop party.

Pull of the Moon

my new mixtape - Winter '07

00:32 Zycho becomes bored and asks Alexander if he can leave. Alexander turns of the radio and suggests the group should play a game of truth or dare

Dirty Tattered House Shoes

The Texas Sapphires - Roadhouse Gems

00:06 Christopher prepares a pumpkin raisin bread at the kitchen.

National Lust

Drunk Horse - Adult Situations

00:09 Christopher passes by Trick or Treaters at the streets as he looks for the address. (1:18) Second end credits song.

Good Times

Thieves & Liars - When Dreams Become Reality

00:43 The group gets high on cocaine.

Burn from the Inside

Decal - Burn from the Inside

01:10 Christopher leaves the art exhibit.

Robots Ready For Mars

Bytecon - T-Wrex Ep

01:03 Christopher enters a student party at an art exhibit. (1:06) Will bumps into an old friend at the party.

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