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Le ''Ça ira''

Édith Piaf

A young army officer named Napoleon Bonaparte observes Marie Antoinette being put to death by guillotine.

Les cyclopes

Jean-Philippe Rameau

The revolutionary leader Barras gives Napoleon the order to lead the Siege of Toulon in 1793.

La Carmagnole

Jacques Gautier - La Révolution Française: Chants Du Patrimoine (Songs of the French Revolution)

The French force Robespierre to resign as the head of the Reign of Terror when they become tired of him.

Gavotte in D Major, Rosine

Francois-Joseph Gossec

Napoleon walks into a ballroom and observes Josephine at a table engaged in a game.

Duos for 2 Violins, Op.29, No.2 in A Major

Franco Mezzena & Patrizia Bettotti

At a restaurant table are Napoleon and Josephine. When she doesn't answer when he asks if she wants to get closer, he moves her chair in front of him.

Dawn - From "Pride & Prejudice" Soundtrack

Dario Marianelli

Napoleon is asked by Josephine if she thinks Napoleon has an aristocrat in her.

Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 61: I. Allegro ma non troppo (Cadenza: Kreisler)

Ludwig van Beethoven

Napoleon befriends Joséphine de Beauharnais, an aristocratic widow, and eventually weds her.

La poule

Jean-Philippe Rameau

Napoleon triumphs in the Battle of the Pyramids in Egypt in 1798.

Symphony No.93 in D Major: lll. Menuetto

Nikolaus Harnoncourt & Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Napoleon leads a coup and assumes the position of First Consul.

Die Schöpfung Hob. XXI:2 / Dritter Teil: No. 32 Chor: "Singt dem Herren alle Stimmen"

Joseph Haydn

When Napoleon is crowned Emperor of France by the Pope in 1804, he valiantly wears the French crown on his own head.

Quarter No. 2 in C Minor

Quartet Viotti

Napoleon's mother forces him to get pregnant with a mistress in order to prove that he is fertile.


Martin Phipps

Napoleon encounters guerrilla resistance when he invades Russia in 1812.

String Quartet No. 17 in F Major

Kodaly Quartet

Arriving at Josephine's Malmaison chateau is Tsar Alexander.

King Arthur Z 628 Act III

Kodaly Quartet

Napoleon leaves the island after learning that Josephine is unwell and goes back to France to reclaim his position of power.

A Tribbiera

Voce Di Corsica - Canti Corsi : Chants corses

Napoleon is banished to St. Helena, an island.

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