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Welcome To Rosas - From "Wish"

Ariana DeBose

Asha prepares for her interview to become Magnifico's apprentice with her pet goat, Valentino. In honor of her grandfather Sabino's 100th birthday, Asha hopes Magnifico will fulfill his wish.

At All Costs

Chris Pine

At first, Asha and Magnifico consent to respect Rosas's wishes; however, Magnifico later declines, obliterates citizens' memories, and never reimburses the owners for their unfulfilled wishes.

This Wish

Ariana DeBose

Asha, frustrated and with nowhere else to go, raises her hand to the sky and wishes upon a star. The wish materializes as a ball of light.

I'm A Star

Wish - Cast - Wish (Bulgarian Original Motion Picture Soundtrack/Deluxe Edition)

Valentino and the plants, as well as the animals, come to life in the forest thanks to the star's magic. Asha is told that the origin of all life is stardust.

This Is The Thanks I Get?! - From "Wish"

Chris Pine

Exasperated, Magnifico turns to dark magic to keep Rosas under control.

Knowing What I Know Now

Ariana DeBose

After making a public appearance, Rosas locals begin to question Magnifico's authority when he posts a bounty on information about Star.

This Wish (Reprise)

Ariana DeBose

More wishes are crushed by Magnifico, creating an all-powerful staff. Asha gathers her friends, and Queen Amaya joins them as they march towards Magnifico's study.

A Wish Worth Making

Julia Michaels

This song can be heard in the end credits.

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