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Electric Relaxation

A Tribe Called Quest

Song playing when Bigger, Mary and Jan enter B and G's.

Politicians In My Eyes

Death - ...For the Whole World to See

Bigger takes some milk from his Mom's fridge and feeds it to stray cats.

Police & Thieves

Junior Murvin - Reggae Roots - 1972-1995, Vol.5

Song plays in the car as Bigger is in the passenger seat of Jerod's car.

Kill the Poor

Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables

Bigger is transporting his Mr Dalton's daughter and boyfriend in the family's luxury SUV.

Uptown Top Ranking

Rainy Milo - Uptown Top Ranking - Single

Song playing at the party when Bigger is talking to his Girlfriend.

Smooth Sailin'

Leon Bridges - Coming Home

Plays in B and G's when Bigger's Girlfriend and her Friend are talking about him.

Be Thankful For What You Got

William DeVaughn - I Love the 70's: 1974

Plays in B and G's when Bigger is telling Mary and Jan about his Father.

Baby Wants To Ride

Jamie Principle - S&S Remixes - Single

Plays in record store when Bigger is looking for the Bad Rage record.

Black Power

Peace - Black Power

Bigger heads to the Dalton's residence for the first time.

Legend Has It

Run The Jewels - Run the Jewels 3

Plays at the party when Jan gets aggressive after what he witnesses.

Minor Threat

Minor Threat - First Demo Tape

Played in the SUV when Mary asks what music Bigger likes.

Sweetback's Theme

Melvin Van Peebles - Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song (An Opera) [The Original Cast Soundtrack Album]

Song in the movie they are watching at the cinema where Bigger's Friend works.


Kossisko - Low

It's Big's first night driving for the Daltons. Mary switches on the radio and this is playing. Mary asks Big if he likes it. Big noncommittally says it's cool.

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