Catch a Falling Star

Block - Timing Is Everything

Opening credits as Josie introduces herself to the viewer

She Bop

Cyndi Lauper - She's So Unusual: A 30th Anniversary Celebration (Deluxe Edition)

A flashback of Josie talking to Billy and a can of lemonade tips in her back and leaks onto the floor


Jimmy Eat World - Static Prevails (Bonus Track Version)

(DEMO VERSION) As Josie drives her brother's car

Suburban Life

Kottonmouth Kings - Royal Highness

Josie's first day back at High School

(I Just) Died In Your Arms

Cutting Crew - Throwback Tunes: 80s

When Josie sees Guy Perkins for the first time and has a flashback moment about her old High School crush, Billy

The Simpsons: Theme

Danny Elfman - Music for a Darkened Theatre: Film and Television Music, Vol. 1

When Josie and Aldys find her brother's car on the sport's field; the marching band is practicing it

Three is a Magic Number

Blind Melon - Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks

When Josie starts hanging with Aldys and her friends

Free to Be...You and Me

The New Seekers - Free to Be...You and Me

Josie, Aldys, and another girl are singing in Aldys' car and Josie hears about where all the "cool kids" hang out before Guy Perkins tells them to get lost because they're losers

Cumbia de los Muertos

Ozomatli - Ozomatli

Josie dancing on the table after eating the spiked brownies.

Like a Prayer

Madonna - Celebration (Deluxe Video Edition)

Josie running out of girls bathroom after seeing loser on her forehead

Heaven Tonight

Hole - Celebrity Skin

Josie starts hanging and becoming good friends with Kristin, Kirsten and Gibby


BTK - Hitman Hart: Wrestling With Shadows (Original Soundtrack)

Back at Josie's office with her boss (Gary Marshall), Gus and others.

Never You Mind

Semisonic - 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Semisonic

Party at Josie's house with her brother, Rob, the cool kids, and everyone else from her class at school.

Look Who's Perfect Now


When Mr. Coolson is crowning Josie as prom queen


Radford - Ep - EP

Josie runs out of the prom after revealing herself in an effort to find Sam, only to be ambushed by her co-worker, George

Closer to Myself

Kendall Payne - Jordan's Sister

Josie narrates her article, and makes amends with those she wronged

Me Myself and I

De La Soul

Josie walks into the school after a night at the club. Everyone is calling her a loser and she doesn't know why until she looks into the bathroom mirror and discover the loser stamp on her forehead.

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