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So Fresh, So Clean

Outkast - OutKast

00:01 First song as Teddy is trying to study for his SAT exam.

Eye of the Tiger

Survivor - The Essential Survivor

00:02 Plays at the day of the test; Stewart is listening to this song on his headphones.


soFLY & Nius and Oddfellow

00:03 Teddy takes a stand and protests the SAT exam and leaves the gym.

Whatever You Like

T.I. - Paper Trail

00:04 17 years later - Teddy and Lisa sing along to this song while driving.

Found My Vibe

Sarah Bollinger - Found My Vibe - Single

00:06 Teddy makes a sale with multiple customers at his grills salesman job.


Nils - Up Close and Personal

00:08 Teddy shows Marvin the wedding ring for Lisa. Marvin tells him the ring is over his budget.

Sunrise On Sunset

Nils - Ready to Play

00:10 Lisa arrives at the restaurant.

Poppin' Like Champagne

Kanary Diamonds

00:17 Plays in Carrie’s car as she is arguing on the phone with someone.

El Sueño (feat. Romany)

Frankie J & Humby - El Sueño / Graduated (From Night School)

00:17 Montage of Teddy and his classmates studying as Luis is singing along to this song while driving someone else. (1:23) Luis sings this song as Teddy and the group slow dances at the prom. (1:54) Second end credits song.

Where the Party At

Jagged Edge - Jagged Little Thrill

00:19 Teddy has a flashback to where Stewart tells him at the hallways that he’s not smart.

Owner of a Lonely Heart

Yes - Symphonic Live

01:01 Teddy prep talks Mackenzie into jumping the rooftops.

Kiss the Sky

Jason Derulo - Platinum Hits

01:15 Carrie takes Teddy back into Night School and teaches him various methods to overcome his learning disabilities.

Never Enough

Jayme David

01:19 Muffled music coming from the prom as the class celebrates their last day of Night School:

Everybody Get Up

Heavynn - Everybody Get Up - Single

01:20 The group gets ready to go to prom when they bump into Theresa’s husband. Theresa confronts her husband.


April Bender

01:21 The group arrives at the prom.

Hey Ya! - Radio Mix

OutKast - New Year's Eve - NYE 2018/2019

when they go to the school dance and turn up

Hey Ya!

Outkast - Speakerboxxx / The Love Below

01:22 The group dances at the prom. (1:46) Stewart dances at the prom party.

Want You (feat. Cal)

Bearson - Want You (feat. Cal) - Single

01:27 Teddy tells Lisa the truth outside the prom.

Mr. Pitiful

Otis Redding - The Very Best of Otis Redding

01:30 Teddy goes back to working at the Christian Chicken fast food restaurant.

My Future


01:38 Montage of Teddy retaking his GED exams.

Lean Back

Terror Squad, Fat Joe & Remy - Lean Back - Single

Last song from the official Night School trailer.

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