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Sugar, Sugar

The Archies - 100 '60s Acid Flashbacks

Scene where the girls are painting the garage door except Chrissy, who is sitting down eating a Twinkie

Knock Three Times

Tony Orlando & Dawn - Pop Masters: Tony Orlando & Dawn

The girls sing whilst riding there bikes to the library

I Want You Back

Jackson 5 - Gold: Jackson 5

Softball game with the boys

Daydream Believer

The Monkees - Hits of the 1960s

Young Chrissy is brushing her hair

No Matter What

Badfinger - Timeless... The Musical Legacy

Girls sing riding bikes to library

Hitchin a Ride

Vanity Fare - Hitchin' A Ride

Girls steal the Wormers clothes and run off with them

All Right Now

Free - A&M 50: The Anniversary Collection

The girls meet the hitch hiker

I'll Be There

Jackson 5 - 20 #1's: R&B Love Songs

Older Chrissy getting ready

Now and Then

Susanna Hoffs

Adult foursome joins the Red Rover game with the Kids

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