Main Title (The Second Star to the Right) / All This Has Happened Before

The Jud Conlon Chorus - Peter Pan (Original Soundtrack)

Opening credits. The narrator tells the viewing audience the action about to take place "has happened before and will all happen again".

A Pirate's Life

The Jud Conlon Chorus - Peter Pan (Original Soundtrack)

00:20 A group of pirates on Captain Hook's ship sing along to the song.

Following the Leader

Bobby Driscoll & Paul Collins - Peter Pan (Original Soundtrack)

00:32 John leads the Lost Boys and Michael to the Indians.

What Made Red Man Red / Tinknapped

Candy Candido & The Jud Conlon Chorus - Peter Pan (Original Soundtrack)

00:49 The Indians honor Peter for rescuing Tiger Lily at a tribe. Smee kidnaps Tinkerbell.

The Elegant Captain Hook

Hans Conried

01:02 The Darlings and the Lost Boys are held captive by the pirates. Captain Hook offers them a choice.

You Can Fly (reprise)

The Jud Conlon Chorus

01:14 Wendy tells her parents about Never Land. The film ends when they see a cloud form a ship Mr. Darling noticed from his childhood.

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